Planning on doing the same with our second. The understanding I gained changed my perspective on effective germ control (& acceptance that clean is never clean!). We’re adding new products all the time. Good luck with your second! The younger she is, the more immature her immune system, and the more susceptible she is to pick up germs from other people and nearby coughs, sneezes, and unclean hands. Otherwise, you should be practicing the same germ control whether you have a newborn or not. As a baby, your little one took delight in your company. Plus, getting into a daily routine can help you stay sane. Mine is now 4 months and for the first two months we stayed home all day everyday except when we went to Dr spots., the store once and next door other than we waited until he got his 2 month shots to start going out bc that’s what his Dr recommended. I was super cautious with my 1st but with my 2nd I had to go out to keep oldest from destroying the house. So keep a careful eye on your baby to make sure she isn't too hot or cold. They smoke in their house, so this causes a problem when visiting. 9 Months Old © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. I was the same way with my first daughter but with my second I was so stir crazy I think I started taking her out in public out about one month old. The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. The concern with COVID-19 is really in terms of other vulnerable groups—specifically older individuals—and what we can do as a society to protect them. But learning to make friends is a skill that he'll perfect over time. “You also want to make sure baby’s feeding and peeing and pooping enough,” Raoji says. One of our sons was only exposed to less than 5 people when he came down with a fever at 5 days old. a couple of toys on a quilt spread on the floor is just fine for them. “There are three kinds of babies,” Wu says. Always consult your doctor for your individual needs. The baby is born with a temporary immunity from mom that tapers off about the time right before 1st shots are due if you ever had a puppy or kitten sound familiar or did you forget about this natural occurrence in nature omniscient Dr.? Try not to expose your newborn (less than one month of age) to more people than necessary, and avoid all people with infectious diseases like colds and the flu! For me as a paranoid adult, it is scary to think I could end up overprotecting my kid, but what is fair is that the little ones do need a lot of care early in their lives since their immune system hasn´t been as exposed. When you get home from an outing, be sure to wash your newborn's hands, especially if anyone has touched her. Watch a mother and baby who are attached (in harmony) with each other. It would be great if more people would let you make decisions, and respect those decisions. Being in harmony with your baby is one of the most fulfilling feelings a mother can ever hope to have. When your baby gives you a cue and you respond with a feeling of rightness about your response, you are well on your way to a strong mother and baby attachment. Keeping our hands clean and keeping stranger’s hands off of babies goes a long way to preventing illness. A facial expression, such as a grimace, precedes a cry. Why risk getting your precious little one sick? Because the baby gives the mother the feedback that her mothering is appreciated, the mother-baby pair enjoy each other more. St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. 11 Months Old. I was more precautionary about the spread of respiratory pathogens than I was dirt and allergens. When it comes to choosing the amount of mingling and the setting for infant socialization, say a playdate versus a group or class, John believes variety is key. Initially, her responses may be a bit strained and not always what the baby needs. Always check the weather before taking the baby out in the spring and be prepared with an umbrella for the stroller, extra blankets, and a change of clothes in case you get caught in an unexpected downpour.

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