In addition, newspapers and special visitor brochures stocked at area hotels and motels also carry Phoenix Zoo coupons from time to time. Played by actress Nana Visitor, Commander Kira is a former Bajoran resistance fighter who fought against the Cardassians during the occupation. Nana Visitor (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) plays Jean Ritter, Matt's mother and one of the owners of Raintree Farms. Public and private sector energies are now focusing very much on the waterfront with the aim of establishing it as a world-class visitor destination. Additionally, these resources include chat rooms for the visitor eager for more immediate information, or even just general chit-chat about their favorite sport. A home visitor meets with every family in their home to provide continuing support and resources at least twice a month. | Someone who pays a visit to a specific place or event; a sightseer or tourist. For two hundred years the mountain has attracted visitors from miles away. Previously she worked as a staff nurse on a urology ward before becoming a health visitor. As with all search engines, a visitor's success with a job search engine depends on the number of job postings in the engine that match the search instructions provided by the visitor.

visitor center, the quarry trail takes you back over three hundred million years. In otherwords, if you sell widgets, using keywords for celebrities may earn you more traffic, but it is unlikely the visitor will be interested in buying your widgets.
Arlington National Cemetery is divided into 70 sections, all of which are outlined on a visitor's map. It is envisaged that the City will become a national visitor attraction. When an Internet visitor types in your registered domain name, their browser looks for the file saved as "index.html," which is the main page you've created for your website. Visitor In A Sentence Definition of Visitor Someone who visits someone else; someone staying as a guest. The overall effect of your new breakfast space is a visitor to feel as though it has always been part of your kitchen design. CK1321089Visitorsare welcome. This is where all visitor information and plans for special zoo promotions are posted. The site allows the visitor to search by a variety of job categories or by province. When Another World ended in 1999, characters like Jake McKinnon and Cass Winthrop moved from the fictional Bay City to Oakdale (ATWT) although Cass is a frequent visitor to Springfield as well (GL). He worked as a nuclear physicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and in 1958, he wanted to create something more interesting for the annual visitor's day. As a host during trading, drop your item then let the visitor follow your lead.

"He can't be at home, or else he won't come," thought the visitor. You'll be able to view some features of the site as a visitor, but you will not be able to comment or see every section of the site until you register and activate your membership. Renters insurance through this company also covers liability issues, such as when a visitor is injured while visiting the dwelling.

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