No way… 21st birthday bottle stoppers, baby! Tip: Get creative with your personalized message. Your kids could even help mix up the slime with their hands. save 20% - no minimum purchase necessary! Instead of a boring stamp à Let’s personalize the message and make it fun! Trust me, in a few years you’ll look back at your 21st birthday party and you’ll immediately start smiling…. But when it comes to birthday souvenirs – people DO judge your favors by its cover… so you better make sure your covers are as cool as your actual giveaways. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to share your very first “legal” glass of wine in your very own personalized wine glasses? You didn’t think I was going to leave out chocolate & candy favors, now did you? But the wine label? If there are any video games fans in the crowd, that’ll surely bring back a lot of memories. … Is it the party favors? “Personalized 21st birthday party favors? Those have been beaten to death…. So what kind of 21st birthday favor can you give them that they’ll be able to use over and over again? How about you get arrested and take mugshots! After all, the birthday boy or girl is the VIP of their celebration, so we believe this fact should be clearly represented on the favors, supplies, and decorations that all add to the charm of their party. You can still enjoy the sweet taste of Vegas without having to lose your underwear at the CRAPS table. But I thought most of the previous favors were also personalized…”. There’s going to be lots of alcohol pouring in the birthday party. You’ll need some swag on the dancefloor, pronto! With these awesome birthday souvenirs, you still get to spoil your guests without having them call you a cheapskate behind your back. But the following giveaways are kind of special: That’s why I figured it’s best to put all of these personalized favors together under one section– the “personalized favors” section! But instead of baking 5 different cakes, you can bake one, and serve cake pops instead. You'll find personalized guest gifts for your Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Sweet 16, Graduation Party… So instead of denying it, why not turn alcohol from an awkward topic into a special AND personal moment? Play poker with their buddies! Yep, I’m talking about your awesome 21st birthday party favors! You’ve seen 1 guy wearing a dorky hat or one girl wearing those weird flickering glasses, you’ve seen them all. Top 21st Birthday Party Favors. You know what that means: bring on the 21st birthday party props! Discover unique birthday party favors, decorations & accessories for kids & adults to make your next birthday bash a hit! We also recommend checking out our personalized birthday party favors, which are a bit more modern and available at great costs! Hello… sunglasses! C’mon, the girl is finally legal, what else could she think about? They might just get you some wine (or they’ll chase you down the room), Lucky for you, most 21st birthday party souvenirs are pretty affordable, to begin with…. Forget the cliché T-shirts and awkward hats… BORING. And if you want your friends to remember the party – giving the girls memorable 21st birthday favors would be a great place to start. Send Them This, Remote School Reality: What It's Really Like to School From Home, Beyond Harry Potter: 8 Inclusive Fantasy Series To Read Instead, Election Day 2020: Books to Read as a Family, Middle-Grade Books From the '80s That Are Still Worth Reading, 10 In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families, Perfect Fall Escape for Seattle-Area Families, Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for Kids, 13 Easy and Awesome Birthday Party Snacks and Treats, 6 Fun Ideas to Break the Monotony of Quarantine Living, Save Money on Groceries by Going Back to Basics, 9 DIY Ways to Celebrate Day of the Dead With Kids, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Forest Field Trip, Día de Muertos StoryWalk and Craft with Seattle Public Library. Your email address will not be published. What other cool props will make everyone look like complete fools? Cool Party Favors offers unique and meaningful keepsakes for your celebration. Here’s a great alternative to play dough. Plus, these cool sunglasses are strong enough for your guests to actually take home as a 21st birthday souvenir. But that doesn’t mean you should get away with lame 21st birthday favors. Just in case your guests get too drunk to remember how old the party girl is – they’ll have it attached right to their glass. Note: Some of these favor ideas contain affiliate links. Don’t leave the default wine label… that’s painfully boring. Instead of having guests try to wash off your stamp after the party à Let’s make them keep it on for as long as possible! You’d be surprised what a few funny 21st birthday giveaways can do to a party…. So I’ll leave the wine part to you…. Your friends wouldn’t see it coming… Sure, they probably won’t remember a lot when they wake up the next day, but they’ll have a personalized keepsake from that crazy night! When the party gets “on fire”, it’s time ditch the shot glasses (unless you want them to break) and go for the “heavy weapons”: Jello shots! Now, it’s time to put everything into a nifty little goodie bag! People will go insane! You can add a special touch to your drinks with these cute wine glass charms. You want your favor to stand out. Let’s reinvent the whole experience, shall we? I don’t know about you – but that’s definitely a party I’d like to attend. … buying the ingredients one by one (I always end up forgetting something), … spending hours baking the cake, only to have your kitchen look like a tornado hit it. That awful stamp … That awful bouncer checking your arm every 2 seconds when you come in and out. Thankfully – all of that was already done for you. You opened your wine with your personalized label…. If there’s one thing I know for sure, is that there’s going to be LOTS of pictures (and selfies) taken at your 21st birthday party. Now that’s my area of expertise, so listen up! I’m sure the Yankees will forgive us (and focus on winning a damn championship already). You’re right on the money… most of the other favor ideas are indeed personalized. If you ask a young man to summarize what it feels like turning 21 in just one word, that word would be this: freedom. What the hell are you thinking playing beer pong with regular ping pong balls? Especially for young boys men… No point in denying that. Especially now, since they can actually have a drink while they’re playing poker – James Bond style (Have you seen Casino Royale? You’re about to discover a TON of unique favors for your 21st birthday party… But before we dive any deeper, let’s have a look at the top giveaways that would … But if you’re finding yourself spending more than you hoped for on this party – then it might be time to start tightening your pocket a bit there, sunshine. If you found yourself thinking any of these – then great! Have you lost your mind?! Note: You get 3 cake flavors, 3 icing flavors and 10 drizzle colors to choose from. What if your guests want to take pictures without their grandma calling the next day worrying their grandchild got arrested? How would you want your guests to describe your 21st birthday party? Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. We all love them, and when they come customized, the level of awesomeness hits a whole new level and makes it way more enjoyable, and way more delicious! This story originally published in October 2013 and was updated in December 2017. … You want an UNFORGETTABLE 21st birthday party, right? Many can be adapted to party activities for girls and boys birthday parties. That will definitely capture people’s attention! But here’s the deal: your 21st birthday is when the alcohol starts pouring… it’ll continue pouring for years and years to come. 'Ice Cream Dreams' Porcelain Ice Cream Scoop Favors, Metallic Gold Printed Birthday Party Napkins (Pack of 25), Metallic Gold Happy Birthday Party Balloons (Set of 3), Metallic Gold Happy Birthday Party Candy Bags (Set of 12), White & Gold Polka Dot Stadium Cups with Lids (Set of 25), Confetti Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies, Birthday Theme Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies, Personalized Birthday Hershey's Kisses Labels (Set of 108), Personalized Birthday Candy and Cookie Bags (Set of 24), Personalized Birthday Hot Cocoa + Optional Heart Whisk, Personalized Birthday Mini Candy Bar Wrappers, Personalized Birthday 4 oz Mini Mason Jars, Personalized DIY Birthday Party Ice Cream Containers, Personalized Birthday Microwave Popcorn Bags, Personalized Birthday Water Bottle Labels, Personalized Birthday Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags (set of 12), Personalized Metallic Foil Birthday Candy Jars, Custom Metallic Foil Birthday Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers (Set of 24), Personalized Foil Birthday Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes (Set of 12), Personalized Birthday Metallic Foil Lip Balm Tubes, Personalized Birthday Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes (Set of 12), Black & Gold POP FIZZ CLINK Party Balloons (Set of 3), Personalized 12 oz Frosted Flex Cup Favors. … cutting the cake into small pieces… Careful! But before we dive any deeper, let’s have a look at the top giveaways that would put a MASSIVE smile on your guest’s face (even without a single drop of alcohol)! Imagine… how many times they had to lie about having a drink (let’s be honest)? There a little “inappropriate” – which is perfect for a 21st birthday souvenir, They could easily fit any of the other categories on here. A personalized 21st birthday beer label might seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way. Questions? Required fields are marked *, Yes, I agree to get updates & offers via email, 21+ Unique 21st Birthday Party Favor Ideas for an Unforgettable Party (2018), 21st Birthday Custom Can Cooler Cheers Bitches Legal Af, Holy Cow Im 21 21st Birthday Dipped Oreos, Jello Shots Syringe Its Lit Design For Drinking, 21st Birthday Party Personalized Ping Pong Balls, Pink And Black 21st Birthday Cake Party Favor Box. Celebrate each year with our unique birthday and party favors.Whether it's for a child's party or an adult bash, our event favors will provide a unique … Throw it out? STAY CONNECTED! I think these socks speak for themselves, don’t you think? But they’re a pain in the ass, aren’t they? It’s true that alcohol makes you laugh for no reason. Get the best of ParentMap delivered right to your inbox. 20+ Unique 1st Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas Your Guests will LOVE (2018), 20+ Coolest Sweet 16 Party Favor Ideas the Guests will LOVE (2018), 20+ Elegant 50th Birthday Party Favors & Giveaway Ideas [Souvenirs] for Your Guests (2018). Not as cool as Las Vegas, but definitely sweeter. 0 hassle, beautiful design, personalized message. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. Your party is LIT… Bring out the Jello shots! So you can imagine that this isn’t a regular birthday. But after you leave the party – no more cake , Until they open the favor box and discover the cool 21st birthday favors you’re prepared for them….

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