Not vacuumed Can take 24+ hours. GW Equipment This can take 24-48 hours. So for storage the rules is the clearer the better. At this temperature, the butane is past its dissolving point and … These use alcohol and are known as polar secondary extractions, or winterization. -Power 5x butane, amazon ($30/case of 12) Storing BHO long term. Do this all at once with no pauses. Water bath: 100f until it starts to puff up, then agitate it some with a fork to pop the bubbles. Simply put a small amount of ISO or everclear in your dish prior to blasting, just enough to coat the bottom of the dish you are using for small runs and more if you are making ounces. These forums are moderated for accuracy, any misguidance, internet trolls, and legality compliance. When making honey and the higher temp finishes, always wait to vacuum until there is almost no reaction at your target temperature to avoid boil over. Its a pressure canner converted to hold a vacuum sitting on a presto griddle. Purge times and temps: It should be about the temperature of a hot tea or coffee. -Point and shoot inferred thermometer Chose the temprature you want to use and start extracting. I would avoid using PP for anything other than storage. The laws are very specific when it comes to transferring Marijuana products across state lines. Set the vacuum to 27” HG and watch the BHO closely to make sure it doesn’t over puff or explode (it may puff a little). Just make sure you extend your purge times a significant amount to … Since TCH and the other compounds we want break down when exposed to oxygen you need to have a finish that is as free of gas bubbles as possible. 3. Dont allow them to dry out, empty immediately when they are still iced over. They can also be used to clean up your product by removing any lipids, waxes, fats and other non polar compounds you may not want in your product. Basic instructions for a hash/budder. 100f-110f vacuum to 27 inhg then release, check to ensure it did not over puff or explode. Purge times and temps: Also it is best to mark your dial on the griddle where certain temps are. Basic instructions for making a clear erl/touchable wax. Also without expensive testing there is no way to know if there is butane or water in it. 1. However, the remaining resin concentrate still contains butane, so we must vacuum purge it to leave it completely free from impurities. Place the shatter inside the vacuum oven and set the temperature to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. My cylinders are glass, 1.5" diameter, and 10 through 14 inches long. However, this may take a longer duration. To … Oven: Transfer extraction from pyrex to a oil slick pad or some parchment paper. I use a sharp long knife to remove the material after extracting, or I put a piece of bamboo in a drill to empty the tubes once ran. To vacuum the solvents out of your BHO, you will need at least three items: Vacuum Compressor; Vacuum Chamber; Vacuum Connector Pipe; The first step is to take the BHO and place it on something like a silicone pad that typically comes with most extraction kits. Must be stable at room temp meaning no new bubbles form after it sits for days. -Pyrex dish 8x8, amazon ($16ea) Just make sure you extend your purge times a significant amount to allow the alcohol to evaporate all the way off. However, I cannot control every post; thus, one must read the following posts with HESITANCE since I do not recommend reading any information and believing its the TRUTH! A simple vacuum oven can do the job pretty well. -Coffee filters and rubber bands or SS hose clamps Posted Image Do this several times over a ten min period. -Dehydrator amazon BHO purge in a water bath at 35ºC. Parchment Paper and even the oil slick pads will deposit microscopic silicone particles into your extraction. Do this outside. Posted Image Vacuum Oven: The higher the temp the more buddery it will be. -Vacuum chamber round polystyrene($90) or converted pressure canning pot. -Fire extinguisher! Only the cold wax/erl and honeys seem to keep for extended times. Never use parchment papre for honey oils, only to store hard finishes like waxes and shatters. BHO blasted into ISO NO BUBBLES. Now that you have extracted you BHO and you have the right equipment, it’s time to get to the vacuum purging. -Hard wax is slightly activated and is achieved at temps up to 140. Take your solution of butane and THC goodness and put it in a Pyrex dish. The temp does not really matter as long as it is not to hot. Leave it for 30 minutes, depressurise, and then back to 29” HG. It specifically states that the transfer of Cannabis from one state to another is completely prohibited. This is why you dehydrate. The poor mans vacuum oven. CannaCommunity is a forum-based community that is broken up to every aspect of your life that you'd want to know about. One 300ml can per ounce of material. Take the room dry trim/bud and dry it out in a dehydrator. Only use these items after the initial purge and there is no liquid butane present. If this is all ok, release the vacuum, then set it to 29” HG at this temperature. Then after some time at full vacuum and full temperature. Basic instructions for honey: In the following picture, taken a few minutes later, we can see how almost all the gas used for the extraction has evaporated. 4. There is a new material called the "slick sheet" intended for blasting right onto, and is Teflon based. Posted Image Oven: 160f-180f until no reaction. After you let it sit and heat purge it will look like this. Never blast onto anything other than pyrex. PLEASE READ: All information on this web site was provided by members and guests who have freely given their ideas. Also when using a griddle to warm a vacuum chamber or water bath realize the surface temp of the griddle is going to be higher than inside the chamber. It looks like this if you use good material and do it right. Posted Image How to purge BHO without a vacuum setup. Here is a link to this process. Usually between 100F/115F. Posted Image This allows the BHO to remain liquid and for the butane to more easily escape without getting trapped. Remember you want to run the dehydrator at a lower temp than you plan to finish with. If you are making big runs, you will want to use some freezer bags to hold the dehydrated bud as the dehydrator may not hold more than half pound or so like mine. It should come out like this. Allow to heat to 100f-110f, allow to sit in the oven for about 30 min. Also when using a griddle to warm a vacuum chamber or water bath realize the surface temp of the griddle is going to be higher than inside the chamber. One you have safely boiled off the majority of … Some report they still get a reaction under vacuuming even after it is fully purged with this method but I still think this is the best non vacuuming method. -Shatter is the least activated and is usually made at temps under 100 but can be achieved up to 120. This is the original thread and has some good info throughout. How to purge BHO without a vacuum setup. Water bath: 120f-130f until reaction stops. Posted Image Complete Advanced Guide to Make BHO PHO Shatter Wa... Can I Take My Edibles, Wax, Shatter Back Home? Set the griddle at the desired temp using the thermometer to check your extraction at regular intervals to ensure it does not over heat. This is the step that makes it so clear and not black or green. Repeat this process until you are happy that the BHO has been fully purged. Do not blindly follow advice found here. Vacuum purging. THE GUIDE: Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Now this looks really nice but what happens under -29inhg? Heat lowers the viscosity, so I heat the material in a thin film until it reaches that state, but no hotter. Leave it vacuumed at 29inhg until desired consistency is reached. 2. After the vacuum. I use two float dishes and separate the first two from the third. This could take up to 2 hours. Now load the tubes packing the material as tight as you can with a 1" wooden dowel rod, placing 4 layers of coffee filter over the end and secure it with a rubber band or a stainless steal hose clamp. Therefore, you can’t just put BHO in a regular oven because you will cook your shatter and kill your THC. Warning: Never spray into parchment paper or onto an oil slick pad. Vacuum: Warning: make sure the extraction is spread thin on the oil pad to avoid over puffing, also line the inside of the chamber with PP just in case. make sure it is floating freely. I have not tried it but intend to. Posted Image The third is the clearest and the first two will knock you flat. This allows the BHO to remain liquid and for the butane to more easily escape without getting trapped. The lower the temp the longer it will need to be purged. How to Vacuum Purge. -Oven Vacuum oven: Vacuum at -29inhg and 160f until no reaction. So I dont think the speed in which you degas is important beyond not damaging your extract with a direct blast of air.

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