+ All characters get some decent development. – Sometimes it just goes off track. This includes characters such as Etna the beauty pirate from NIS and Pamela from Gust Corp. + Comedy It may not be a deal-maker, but it is very nice. September 7, 2010. You can save the Netheruniverse from floating sushi, but not always from repetitious dungeon crawling. So as for story... funny?Sound/Music:The English voice overs are decent, okay? There are quite a number of dungeons to explore and all feel substantially unique from one another, graphically. Are You Ready to Explore the Spiral Abyss? Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Introduction to the Game: Trinity Universe is a crossover game, as stated before. Although it has some original characters such as Kanata the Demon Dog King and Rizelea the Valkyrie and an original... storyline (more on this later) ..., it includes many characters from two other companies games. on June 28, 2010 at 6:38PM PDT. [Menu Screen - Start Shiny Star][Go to shop - Stops for three seconds while you buy something][Back to Menu - Start Shiny Star again][Go to inn - Stops for another five seconds while you sleep][Back to Menu - Start Shiny Star... Again][Go to Event - Stops while event rolls][Back to Menu - Start Shiny Star AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN]So, in the course of trying to prepare for a dungeon, you've heard this song four times. 5 customer ratings. Personally, this was a good game to spend a few days playing, unfortunately, unlike other games such as Disgaea, it just didn’t get me as hooked as them. On the side, you are also given access to a monster coliseum. Demons loot these objects locked in orbit. There is little incentive to play the game through a second time, but at least you do have two different plots to choose from. After fighting your way to the core, activating it gives you a short time limit to escape back to the exit. Unfortunately, the script and dialogue used throughout often feels like it was written by a hormone-charged teenage boy. You’ll see a couple of familiar faces from both the Disgaea and Atelier franchises, and the gameplay style, dungeon-crawling and dialogue is obviously aimed at fans of these games. This means you’re guessing most of the time to which weapon or item is better. There is considerable depth to the system, but it seems like the development team threw in some of these mechanics just for the sake of adding depth. Trinity Universe Review The cast of Trinity Universe is a rambunctious one, pulling you along through their adventures with sheer manic energy. Gameplay primarily centers on dungeon crawling and item synthesizing. The story however is not linear, but instead branches off into two different paths, each with a different main character and storylines, at least for the most part. Battles try a few new things but are ultimately dull button-mashers and the 3D graphics are a little rough on the eyes. A contributor to both news and reviews, he would go on to overhaul and completely run our news department – in fact, he was the reason we expanded news INTO a "department.". It is also a turn taker (though not really a type of game as much as a battle system) and a dungeon crawler.

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