I did enjoy the sad character study of Cassie, the "heroine",which was believable. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA products qualify for FREE Shipping. I liked that Cassie got a happy ending, her “Happy Ever After”.

Check out The Flight Attendant Book Club Discussion Questions. Then it became utterly ridiculous and the ending felt like it was written just so the author could call it a day. What a great way to start the year by reading a suspenseful thriller! Learn more about the program. The difference was not semantics. Finally she lifted her head and felt a wave of nausea as the room spun. For one, I don’t live a life that takes me to all these amazing places, and two, it touches on the darker, dirty side that some of the ladies and gentleman in that profession witness or practice….in my wildest dreams of course! Download one of the Free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The epilogue had a nice twist too! Author interviews, book reviews and lively book commentary are found here. Likewise since she was a double representative and not keen on eliminating an innocent American person. Hadn’t she even gotten as far as the elevator, wherever it was, on his floor? The Flight Attendant Book Spoilers & Ending Synopsis Firstly, Alex was eliminated by Elena, a Russian spy. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

--Mark Athitakis, USA Today "Flight attendant Cassie Bowden: a self-destructive alcoholic who favors one-night stands, a gifted liar, a petty thief. endobj Something I have enjoyed my whole life Thanks for review Dinh. They were going to meet in his hotel lobby. It’s always nice to read new authors and enjoy their books. I hope you’ll enjoy the tv series when it comes out! ��C �}����a�9���J���w����ILOnې�G�R�v �TR��"H�B5���dU�P͙�������&!�'g��^=�)���]�to�٦_��nm�NPx�-�>�X�ϴ�w�Є&�&r�M0Έ@6�ţsY�>m|!��~53n;|�s0;pH�"�UV�Й�Th`���b�W�}�"�M�����8Q��m�l~~u�RVڕۏ@�P�ޥ���a�^v4?�.�t?��G�cg� �Cx X�upc�K�lï���6V��C*!�3UH��U��)7�� #Nz)O�y�?g�n&�6�+����b^�Y=�ù8X�d��������e"3K���S\��⼤�] �.E�'�!�� d���k.>�W�^! But not a person. Now she has to get out of place and figure out what happened. Created by Steve Yockey. It does start off slower at the beginning but the pace moved along as we got closer to the end. The book was an easy read and it sucked me in right at the beginning. Something about the moment—the booze, the banter, the suite—had her aroused once again. And yet they had a past that transcended work: it seemed they had mutual friends and business connections in the construction that was everywhere in this science fiction–like city by the sea. With Kaley Cuoco, Merle Dandridge, Nolan Gerard Funk, Michelle Gomez.

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He was a math geek, which he said was the secret to his success and why his fund delivered the sorts of returns that kept everyone on both sides of the Atlantic so happy. He had grown up in Virginia, though he had no trace of a southern accent at all, and lived now on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, running a fund at Unisphere Asset Management. I enjoyed Cassandra Bowden because she is not your typical heroine. And yet here she was. Mark Athitakis - USA Today Filled with turbulence and sudden plunges in altitude, The Flight Attendant is a very rare thriller whose penultimate chapter made me … Too many wild coincidences, accurate assumptions made by characters that were totally unrealistic, and far too much boring, unnecessary, inconsequential description and detail. Blackout drunk was more embarrassing the next morning, when she woke up in strange beds with strange men, and not a clue how she’d gotten there. *����J�,�`���� p&���1Շ4 ��,K���Q̐P�0ǁ��.�C��"�̬��)���}�c*0�޶C�T��R�^*��3��#�1F��+�m�ҿ�$��Ke�{FE_��s3���8�Z�>�5}㪟{1R[.�J,y�c�p]8;Ԭj`���$��VL8M When she had first opened her eyes, she had hoped for a moment that she had only been passed-out drunk, but no, it was clear that she had been blackout drunk. And she sure as hell could hold her booze. I enjoyed reading The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. The morning sun was oozing through one slender line from the ceiling to the floor where the drapes, plush as they were, didn’t quite meet and blanching a strip of carpet. I hope you get over your reading hump and fall back in love with books again. One of these days she was going to get busted by the airline; one of these days she was going to fly too close to the sun and fail a drug test, and that would be the beginning of the end. Cassie feared she might have been responsible for his death. He’d mumbled that he would deal with it—the spilled vodka, the dagger-like shards—in the morning. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more.

?”, especially at the end, which caused me to almost toss my kindle across the room. Yes, the room was rich with the unmistakable scent of a luxury hotel shampoo, but she could also smell herself and she could smell him, the evidential secretions from the night before. Never. I liked that The Flight Attendant was easy to follow as well.

In a perfect world, he confessed, he would be called Alexander because that sounded Russian. Eugene Onegin. A weak story that failed to evoke any emotions at all about the characters involved. I will be checking out Bohjalian’s new book The Red Lotus, coming out March 17, 2020! 4 0 obj There should have been a big red warning label over the description reading "STAY AWAY. The show is going to be rolling out super quickly. Required fields are marked *. She knew she had. to left-field surprises. Though slower to start, the book builds up until the ending hits you in the face!

Apparently she had.

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