The Broadway production opened in May 2006 at the Marquis Theatre, and closed on 30 December 2007 after 674 performances and 32 previews. [15], The show saw another revival at the Goodspeed Opera House in Haddam CT from 21 September – 25 November 2018, The first translated production of the musical opened in Japan on 5 January 2009. When the show was reshaped for the Toronto Fringe Festival, Martin became a co-writer, creating Man in Chair to serve as a narrator/commentator for the piece.[1]. All rights reserved. Prominent Australian actor Geoffrey Rush played Man in Chair. With Canadian actor and fund-raiser Paul Mack, Miller produced a reading for the New York's National Alliance for Musical Theatre on 5 October 2004[2][3] – and invited Broadway producer Kevin McCollum. More helpfully, the chaperone tells Janet that she is feeling "drowsy" and must take a nap, giving Janet the opportunity to ask Robert if he loves her. Mrs. Tottendale announces that she and Underling are getting married as well. The Drowsy Chaperone debuted in 1998 at The Rivoli in Toronto and opened on Broadway on 1 May 2006. [12], The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company mounted an independent production of The Drowsy Chaperone directed by Max Reimer, musical-directed by Lloyd Nicholson and choreographed by Dayna Tekatch in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the opening number, "Fancy Dress", the premise and characters of the show are introduced: it's the day of the wedding of oil tycoon Robert Martin and Broadway star Janet Van De Graaff, who plans to give up her career for married life. Plot Synopsis. Feldzieg enlists the vain, easily manipulated Aldolpho to seduce Janet and spoil her relationship with Robert. He puts on another record, saying that the audience can listen to the opening of the second act of The Drowsy Chaperone, and leaves for the restroom. His monologue at the musical's intermission point ends when he changes records (ostensibly preparing the turntable to play the musical's second act), then leaves the stage "to use the bathroom". The show will be produced by Medicine Hat Musical Theatre in April 2016. With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. He shares a brief backstory about his unsuccessful marriage and about how you should never leave, only live. The scene transforms back to Janet where she admits that she was really the French girl and agrees to marry him. As he listens to this rare recording, he is transported into the musical. He finds the right record, and The Drowsy Chaperone continues. At one point, the record "skips", which causes the last notes (and dance steps) of a song to be repeated until the Man in Chair can bump the turntable. Robert tells Janet that he loves her, and Man In Chair announces that one of his favorite parts is coming up. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a … A production in Bendigo, Victoria begins in July 2019. Following the Fringe staging, Toronto commercial theatre producer David Mirvish financed an expanded production at Toronto's 160-seat, independent Theatre Passe Muraille in 1999. Events allegedly twisted in the mind of the man who sits in a chair in his rundown home and listens to the recording of non-existent musical The Drowsy Chaperone, created on Broadway in 1928. Despite the show-within-the-show being a two act musical, 'The Drowsy Chaperone' is played without an intermission; at the end of the "show"'s first act, the Man in Chair observes that there would be an intermission "if we were sitting in a theater, watching The Drowsy Chaperone. A "power outage" near the end causes the stage to go dark in the middle of the big production number. The Man in Chair, a mousy, agoraphobic Broadway fanatic, seeking to cure his "non-specific sadness", listens to a recording of a fictional 1928 musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone. A largely British cast, including Elaine Paige – making her return to the West End after six years – John Partridge and Summer Strallen joined the show's co-author Bob Martin recreating his Broadway role of "Man in Chair." Watching from his armchair, Man in Chair is torn between his desire to absorb every moment of the show as it unfolds and his need to insert his personal footnotes and his extensive-but-trivial knowledge of musical performances and actors, as he frequently brings the audience in and out of the fantasy. The Man in Chair returns to the stage and replaces the disc with the correct one for Act II of "The Drowsy Chaperone.". The story concerns a middle-aged, asocial musical theatre fan. As the guest gather we meet, in quick order, the various principals: the dashing … The Broadway team staged the West End production. [11], A national tour of The Drowsy Chaperone opened 19 September 2007 in Toronto at the Elgin Theatre. In the cast there were popular Brazilian musical actors such as Ivan Parente, Sara Sarres, Stella Miranda, Saulo Vasconcelos, Kiara Sasso and Andrezza Massei. A melodramatic diva to be reckoned with who gleefully chews the scenery and steals just about every scene she is in. © 2020 Maurer Productions OnStage. On Valentine's Day 2007, a limited-edition 1,000-pressing vinyl-record version was released, available only on the Ghostlight Records website and in the lobby of the Marquis Theater. Janet announces that she is cancelling the wedding, and Robert protests in vain that he only kissed "Mimi" because she reminded him of Janet ("Toledo Surprise"). [citation needed], Notable replacement (North American Tour), On 2 June 2014, director Fred Schepisi was hired to direct a film adaptation. Sutton Foster Performs "Show Off" on the Tony Awards, Recording the Original Broadway Cast Album of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, Sutton Foster "Drowsy Chaperone" Drama Desk Nominee Cocktail Party '06 ~ Stephen Holt Show. The show was nominated for multiple Broadway and West End theatre awards, winning five Tony Awards and seven Drama Desk Awards. Outside by the pool, Janet tells reporters that she is happy to be getting married and ostensibly doesn't want to be an actress anymore ("Show Off"), but her song evolves into a big production number. The show has had major productions in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London, Melbourne and Japan, as well as two North American tours. Sitemap. To get rid of his "Cold Feets", he tap dances, and George, who is also nervous, joins in the dance. The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical with book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar and music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison. "Tipsy") Chaperone, played in the show-within-a-show by a blowzy Grande Dame of the Stage, specializing in "rousing anthems" and not above upstaging the occasional co-star. Despite the show-within-the-show being a two-act musical, The Drowsy Chaperone is played without an intermission; at the end of the "show"'s first act, the Man in Chair observes that there would be an intermission "if we were sitting in the Morosco Theatre, watching The Drowsy Chaperone. The Chaperone happily pretends to be Janet and allows Aldolpho to "seduce" her ("I Am Aldolpho"). Later during the run, TV star, Steve Pemberton took over the role of "Man in Chair," whilst understudy, Nina French took over as "Mrs. Tottendale". Such are the antics of The Drowsy Chaperone, a fictitious 1928 musical comedy. SYNOPSIS. It was staged on Teatro Popular do SESI, and it was the first time a great musical show had its free tickets, due to sponsorship. ... “The Drowsy Chaperone”, we are taken back to the Tottendale residence in 1928 - a time of excitement, passion, and of course prohibition. A "power outage" near the end causes the stage to go dark in the middle of the big production number. 23 September – 31 October 2010. Man in Chair announces that this is the end of the first act and the first record of the two-record set. Suddenly, his apartment was transformed into a stage on which this musical goes. Man in Chair hurriedly stops the record, explaining to the audience that that was the wrong record—it was the musical The Enchanted Nightingale, not the second act of The Drowsy Chaperone. To chase his blues away, a modern day musical theatre addict known simply as ‘Man in Chair’ (Martin) drops the needle on his favorite LP – the 1928 musical comedy The Drowsy Chaperone. Cast members included Phillip Jones, Nancy Thompson, Kelly Gilmour, Robert Godfrey, Maxwell King, Will Kempe, Liz Knight, Nicole Crumpler, and Sloane Wilson. [17][18] The production was announced to run through 20 February, but due to impressively high demand for tickets when they were first made available, the producers arranged for it to continue through 27 February.[19]. [23], A one-disc compact disc by the original Broadway cast was released in 2006. While Engel performed with the company for the extended engagement, Martin did not continue beyond Toronto; his role was taken over by Jonathan Crombie. His monologue at the musical's intermission point ends when he changes records (ostensibly preparing the turntable to play the musical's second act), then leaves the stage "to use the bathroom". The Chaperone responds with the extemporaneous "As We Stumble Along", a "rousing anthem to alcoholism", which, Man in Chair explains, the original actress playing the Chaperone insisted on including in the show. [6][7] Even an early drastic reduction in the cost of premium seating for the show failed to generate sufficient enthusiasm for the production, and the producers closed it in August instead of the scheduled February 2008 date. The Man in Chair returns to the stage and replaces the record with the correct one for Act II of The Drowsy Chaperone. The ensuing plot incorporates mistaken identities, dream sequences, spit takes, a deus ex machina, an unflappable English butler, an absent-minded dowager, a ditzy chorine, a harried best man, and Janet's "Drowsy" (i.e. It was directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw. It opened 27 November 2008 and ran until 27 December 2008. In Janet's room, Janet is having doubts about whether Robert really loves her, and she asks the Chaperone for advice. Disguised as pastry chefs, these two pun-happy thugs threaten Feldzieg to stop the wedding, in order to ensure Janet's participation in the next production of Feldzieg's Follies. The characters appear in his dingy apartment, and it is transformed into an impressive Broadway set with seashell footlights, sparkling furniture, painted backdrops, and glitzy costumes. The Chaperone happily pretends to be Janet and allows Aldolpho to "seduce" her ("I Am Aldolpho").

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