I was seen straight away and the Dr knew straight away from the sweat bubbles around the site it was a redback but still loved the picture he said they hardly give out antivenom as it can make you a lot sicker than the bite and send you into anaphylaxis. By then my groin was aching so bottled the culprit and went to emergency where they spent 4 hrs trying to get painkillers right which they did by 2am I went home and things were ok till now Monday and I’ve been sweating all day not easing at all . They also had me rub some sort of tar on the bite once per day and put a gauze on it (no tight bandage though). I don’t remember a bite but I remember some pain on my inner thigh one evening after sitting out in the garden. Hope you make a full recovery and thanks for sharing.

Some people in these comments have suggested taking an over-the-counter antihistamine can help, so that could worth a go. I felt sick in the gut, wanting to vomit but didnt. *the bite itself is not what causes the pain, it is the venom. I slapped at and scratched at the affected area throughout the night and didn’t give much thought to it until I went inside for a shower and noticed the sweaty white spot in the middle of a big red patch on the back of my calf. On looking down I saw a very large redback sitting on my foot. Latrophilin (or CIRL: “calcium-independent receptor for latrophilin”) is a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) that activates phospholipase C causing: Other possible receptors include neurexin Iα and receptor-like protein tyrosine phosphatase σ. Only two managed to bite me. Should say I also feel fluey, sore muscles, headache, light sensitivity and feverish since the pain got worse again, but that could be something else.

We were having a slap up a pizza together. Hi Bob. Quickly jumped into my thongs and walked towards then bin.

I received a red back bite after putting a shoe on, right away I realized I had been bitten by something. Tagged as: It always amazes me how such a small critter can inflict so much pain from a tiny bite. Let’s get a second opinion on this from a doctor who has treated many envenomated patients over the years. so I have just dipped my thumb in undiluted Dettol and the soreness has eased a great deal. The next day I spoke to Lisa, a born and bred Aussie who was bitten by a Redback when she was a little girl. I do know that the antivenom is only given if it is desperately needed, as there can be some bad reactions. They prefer the painkiller approach and that’s clearly what you got. Lactrodectism should also be suspected in cases of priapism. He was out but his wife (also a doctor) answered the phone and she was very helpful. I took some more tablets at 1.30am. Antivenom maybe used in cases of severe pain refractory to opiates and severe systemic features after an informed discussion with the patient. The pain is usually controlled by analgesia but there are a spectrum of patients who develop systemic features that can be debilitating the the use of antivenom remains controversial. Couldn’t see 2 prong marks or any bite mark. They told me the pain often increased at night which I found to be very true. Kind regards Well, if anything, a very very tiny barely visible white mosquito bite like bump was all I could see.

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