The FLIR Black Hornet PRS equips the non-specialist dismounted soldier with immediate covert situational awareness (SA). Prox Dynamics delivered 100 Black Hornet nano UAVs by early 2013. In that league, the Black Hornet Nano, a miniature Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) helicopter developed and manufactured by Prox Dynamics of Norway, currently is the world leader. Claiming to be the “first airborne and commercially available Personal Reconnaissance System”, the ‘PD-100 Black Hornet’ from FLIR might not at first glance appear to live up to such a claim, but as proven so far this year, powerful drones can come in small packages.. You can use it, for example, to guard an area or explore dangerous areas, or for rescue operations. Black Hornets were first used by the Norwegian Army. In May 2012, they were deployed with the UK forces in Afghanistan. Prox Dynamics creates innovative SBS solutions to complex challenges through the utilization of modern microelectronics, new sensor technology, creative mechanical design, and efficient low-cost production techniques. The PD-100 is the first reconnaissance drone that provides immediate intelligence that is available to the public. Dubbed the Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Aircraft System by its designer, Prox Dynamics of Norway, this micro-UAV measures 4 inches long and 1 inch tall with a 4-inch rotor span. The company was acquired by FLIR Systems in a $134m transaction in November 2016. The PD-100 carries 3 video cameras on the front side The Black Hornet PD-100 was developed by Prox Dynamics, a firm founded by Petter Murren in 2007, whose mission is as follows (from the company website): “Prox Dynamics’ mission is to develop, produce and sell the world’s smallest unmanned aircraft systems. Game-changing EO and IR technology bridges the gap between aerial and ground-based sensors, with the same SA as a larger UAV and threat location capabilities of UGVs.

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