We had an excellent experience with the restaurant at Cabo San Juan, but we can’t speak for the other campsites. The one that I keep where I wrote to you Pueblito, near the coast of the park, was another place where about 3,000 Tayronans lived. The road was flooded and our driver told us it was better to walk. I want you like that The currents are extremely strong all along the coast so most of the coastline is inaccessible to swimmers. Finca La Victoria and Nevada Cervecería in Minca, Hotel Caribe Cartagena, the historical landmark of Bocagrande, Sainte-Agnes, the Highest Village in the Mediterranean, Menton, the Sunniest Town in the French Riviera, Venice Jewish ghetto is the Oldest in the World, Cinque Terre, a day in Five Colorful Towns. 18:40 Actualitzat Dilluns, 10 d'octubre de 2016. [Outro: Shakira] El final del sendero aparece a 4 kilómetros de Arrecifes. Also, the moths kamikazeing towards my head made it impossible to read with a headlamp but otherwise everything was great. The current was a little strong so if you do not know how to swim well it is recommended that you enter with one of the local guides. Couple looking at the sea at Parque Tayrona. On the way we stopped at the Mirador 7 Olas which has a beautiful landscape of a beach, which like many in Tayrona, is very dangerous to bathe. No está permitido verter comentarios contrarios a las leyes españolas o injuriantes. Up until this point (about a month into the trip) I had prided myself on the fact that I had not lost or forgotten any of my things despite having changed places so many times. Since the food at La Brisa was not particularly appetizing, we stopped at Costeño on our way back to ask if we could have dinner there even if we weren’t guests. ¿Glaciares? You never know with wild animals.” Eventually, the sounds went away, but we looked up and in a clearing above us we saw a family of Tití monkeys (hardly intimidating, but very cute). Shakira is from Barranquilla, which is very close to Santa Marta, while Carlos Vives is from there. Parque Tayrona has entrance fees that vary depending on your age and whether you are a foreigner and also that change during peak season. Sadly, we had to leave from Cristal Beach to go to lunch. And I like you because you’re different [Chorus: Shakira & Carlos Vives] Los Nevados: A Guide to Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados. A raucous bunch of birds woke us up early the next morning. A 3,2 kilómetros de la entrada está la playa de Arrecifes, donde hay cabañas para pernoctar, zona de acampada, servicios y restaurantes. Shak and her family want for Christmas vacation in Baranquilla, the homeland of Shaki. La entrada cuesta 37.500 pesos (16 €) y se paga en las puertas de acceso. It’s not a private beach and there are some small tables with a beach bar. They came to offer beer and other drinks. The different beaches have their established carrying capacity, like the park. The ranger details the appropriate behavior for tourists inside the park. Sand sharks, blowfish and turtles can be seen here. She moves her hips like a ship between the waves I love your website. FitzRoy, DO NOT stay at La Brisa Tranquila. Numerosos touroperadores de la ciudad ofrecen paquetes organizados al parque. And like Arrecifes it’s not safe to swim at this beach. The area behind Arrecifes has a number of campsites with hammocks and tents to rent. [Pre-Chorus: Shakira & Carlos Vives] The Simón Bolívar peak has 5,700 meters of altitude making it the highest mountain range in the world by the sea. Almost fell of my chair. Your email address will not be published. The design was used by natives with wood from the area. The view of the seashore was impressive. (For some reason we forgot to take a picture of it. The peak seasons are June 15 to July 15, December 15 to January 30, Semana Santa (Holy week) from Friday to the following Sunday (10 days) and weekends with holy days. I am currently a student studying Tayrona Park and your articles haven proven to be an invaluable source. Ecohab huts in Tayrona National Park, photo courtesy of Ecohabs Santa Marta. In addition, there’s a restaurant. International Flights Return to Colombia Starting in September, How to Obtain a Colombian Visa – With Up-to-Date 2020 Info, Tourist Visas: How to Extend a Tourist Visa in Medellín – 2020 Update, Feria de las Flores 2020 Guide: November 1 to 8 – Not Cancelled, COVID-19 Testing in Colombia: Reality About Coronavirus Testing, 30 Exotic Tropical Fruits of Colombia a Fruit Lovers Paradise, Colombians between the age of 5 and 25: 18,000 pesos, Colombians (and foreigners from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru) from the age of 26 to 64 years old: 24,000 pesos, Colombians under 5 and 65 and older: entrance is free, Colombians between the age of 5 and 25: 20,000 pesos, Colombians (and foreigners from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru) from the age of 26 to 64 years old: 28,500 pesos. And you can catch the bus from the Santa Marta bus terminal or from behind the central market in Santa Marta. They came to offer beer and other drinks. Thanks again Jeff. also, I know you say hit or miss with the yellow fever vaccine, but have you heard of anything different in the more recent months? The cost of entry is quite high by Colombian standards, which is a fairly inexpensive country. During the trip they told us that we sounded the same when talking. Tayrona Ecohabs is one of the most photographed places within the park as the huts are perfectly camouflaged with the green of the mountains offering one of the best views of the park. Each hut has a maximum capacity of four people. Take a second to support Medellin Guru on Patreon! The hike is long enough already without having to carrying extra weight. DÓNDE COMER Beating for you The best times to go to Parque Tayrona are not during the peak seasons and not during the rainy season (August to October) when it rains nearly half the days. Sufficient cash as credit cards aren’t accepted in the park. So, you can save by bringing lunch and snacks. After passing the entrance process, they took us about thirty minutes by road to reach Cristal Beach. Parque Tayrona was closed on March 15, 2020 to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from reaching the indigenous population in the park but Parque Tayrona reopens on November 20, 2020. She likes loving the house, may not the hours pass Because if one day, you show Pique the Tayrona He won’t want to go to Barcelona. This is a narrow beach that is protected by an offshore reef. Culturally, Panamanians are very similar to Colombians from the coast. Can you please tell me if they check or ask for yellow fever proof? The following are the entrance fees for Tayrona National Park for 2020: During peak season from June 15 to July 15, December 15 to January 30, Semana Santa (Holy week) from Friday to the following Sunday (10 days) and weekends with holy days the entrance fees are as follows: Parque Tayrona is located just 21 miles (34 km) from Santa Marta in Colombia’s coastal department of Magdelena. On a bike that takes me everywhere Thanks, Jeff for the update. Piqué, més a prop del Tayrona que de la selva espanyola Dago Escorcia Barcelona. Las cabañas de la playa de Arrecifes son para 5 y cuestan 229 €. If on a budget, water, drinks and food is relatively expensive in the park. Y nosotros no hemos querido pasar la oportunidad de conocer ese pedazo de Parque Nacional en nuestro viaje por Colombia.Sin embargo, aunque es un parque con playas que quitan el hipo, ojo viajeros porque ofrece aún más de montaña que de playa. When I went in late 2017 they asked for proof of the yellow fever vaccination, which I had. The hotel staff were incredible and made me feel comfortable right away. El mar Caribe se bate aquí con fuerza -no es la apacible piscina verdeazulada que se tiene en mente- y en muchas de las playas se desaconseja el baño. Dear Jeff, Also, the tip about taking a boat to Tayrona is a good one. The stones refer to egg-like structures at points along the trail. There are campsites in Parque Tayrona near several of the beaches with tents and hammocks available for rent. This is a beautiful hotel located very close to Tayrona National Park. Esta singularidad confiere a toda la zona unas características especiales y hace que por las laderas de la Sierra Nevada se sucedan desde los hielos perennes hasta el bosque tropical húmedo. de la bella ciudad de Santa Marta está el Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, una región que alberga una variedad de ecosistemas como el manglar, los corales, praderas de algas, matorrales espinosos, bosques secos, húmedos y nublados y hermosas playas de arena blanca. Hey, Carlos, take me on your bike The beach has a backdrop of jungle and coastal mountains rising high above. Keep in mind that the weather can make this trip calm or traumatic, depending on if there is wind and waves. If you have already visited Cartagena and want a similar destination but at a fraction of the cost, Santa Marta and Tayrona Park are the ideal place. Las cabañas de Arrecifes, como las del resto del parque son muy sencillas y junto con las zonas de acampada constituyen la forma de pernoctación más popular dentro de este espacio. Searching through past wounds I booked a night here after a hotel close by that I had already booked were unable to accommodate me due to a sick guest. I think 1 liter of water per person is enough. We should be careful. Shakira says “listen to me, Carlos, take me on your bike … if you show Piqué (her husband) Tayrona, then he will not want to leave to Barcelona.” And it is true, since the Tayrona is really that impressive. © ¡HOLA! It reminds us of a Manu Chao song that we like, "Proxima estación, Esperanza". Durante la temporada de lluvias fuertes, de octubre a mediados de diciembre, los caminos están embarrados y el mar muy picado y oscuro. It is a national park in Colombia, it doesn’t have a feeling of something so official that they’d ask for medical records. It’s basically the small beach for the Ecohabs accommodations and is located near the Cañaveral beach. y entérate de todo antes que nadie. In my experience, nobody asked for yellow fever vaccination records when I entered Tayrona in April 2018. That it's been a while in my heart beating for you Although it was late, with great humility, he took pictures with the group and answered questions. En cada uno de las playas con servicios del interior del parque (Arrecifes, Arenilla, Cabo San Juan) hay restaurantes locales donde sirven comidas y bebidas. ... En la provincia norteña de Santa Marta, el Parque Nacional Tayrona es una de las joyas naturales de Colombia. Although it was late, with great humility, he took pictures with the group and answered questions. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Also bring a lot of insect repellent. My one complaint is that our room did not have a mosquito net despite being open to the outside, so we got a few mosquito bites.

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