Delivery Statistics products contain the following key fields: Municipality City State Key and Preferred Last Line City State Key.

If you want to protect your packages against thieves and reduce the crime in your community, it may be a good idea for your community to invest in a parcel delivery system. Programming for Data Science – R (Novice), Programming for Data Science – R (Experienced), Programming for Data Science – Python (Novice), Programming for Data Science – Python (Experienced), Computational Data Analytics Certificate of Graduate Study from Rowan University, Health Data Management Certificate of Graduate Study from Rowan University, Data Science Analytics Master’s Degree from Thomas Edison State University (TESU), Data Science Analytics Bachelor’s Degree – TESU, Mathematics with Predictive Modeling Emphasis BS from Bellevue University. 2. AIS Viewer is an interactive application designed to provide the ability to retrieve, view, and print accurate and current ZIP Code™ information for all 50 states. It has made headlines with its drone delivery pilot and its acquisition of delivery vehicles, from the 767 cargo plane that recently crashed in Texas to the fleet of rented vans that carry packages the “last mile” to residential recipients. Package deliveries to Oversized lockers jumped by 75%. 1. The package delivery spike is on track to remain elevated throughout December. 5.

For property managers, Black Friday is only the beginning.

3. $70.6 B. In one week, package delivery increased by 68%. Accelerated pickup doesn't aid manual package management methods, such as retrieving packages from the front desk. The use of analytics in package delivery is not new. UPS’s Jack Levis championed ORION, “On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation,” the company’s ambitious and ultimately successful software project that facilitates optimal planning of individual driver routes. This year, shoppers smashed previous records for Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending, with over $7.9 billion spent online. This is good news for property managers. offers academic and professional education in statistics, analytics, and data science at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of instruction. This happened naturally; residents are just inherently more excited to pick up their packages during the holiday season. Learn more. For more information about AIS products, contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-238-3150, or at The ZIP + 4® Product is a base reference file that can be accessed by an application to assign the correct ZIP + 4® Code associated with a physical address. The Five-Digit ZIP® Product provides five-digit ZIP Code™ data that can be appended to computerized mailing lists via address-matching software. delivering to house #1 in an area but skipping houses 2 and 3 in the same neighborhood and coming back to them later) are suggested by the software in the service of optimizing the total day’s tasks. Delivery Statistics Product contains information regarding delivery by carrier route and Post Office box section. This data file defines the number of post office boxes and business/residential deliveries on city, rural, and highway contract routes for every non-unique ZIP Code™ in the nation. As a result, multifamily properties have been bracing for the millions of package deliveries following in their wake. $71.4 B. UPS has a lead in the analytics/logistics race owing to its “embedded knowledge” in the form of accumulated detailed driver wisdom that can be leveraged for analytic gain, if it can be extracted in forms useful for modeling. While many of the packages delivered to the Oversized locker this year did in fact need the extra wiggle room due to their size, many of these deliveries were from holiday overflow. Nothing better illustrates the encroachment of data science and analytics on the older “economy of tangible things” than the business of delivering packages. Besides giving this unique locker its biggest workout of the year, this massive increase highlights one of the most important ways a property can future-proof their package management solution: pay attention to scalability. This article shows recent statistics on packaging waste in the 27 European Union (EU) Member States and some non-member countries. Z4Change Product provides mailers the information necessary to create an application that would facilitate frequent and cost-effective processing for updating very large computerized mailing lists for automation compatibility and improved deliverability. Florian Neuhaus: What parcel delivery could look like is that you have a central place—maybe for all communities—and there’s a street, and you have one drop-off place. Through its “Amazon Hub” locker services for apartment buildings, the company joins other concierge services, with a difference: Amazon itself will be the biggest shipper to its hubs, and it will be in the best position to make use of the shipping data (both Amazon and non-Amazon) generated at the locker centers. This data file defines the number of post office boxes and business/residential deliveries on city, rural, and highway contract routes for every non-unique ZIP Code™ in the nation. This faster turnover helps automated systems like package lockers by freeing up locker compartments more quickly, opening them up for more deliveries. Correct and Standardize: Address Information System (AIS) Products, Correct and Standardize Your Address List, Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) Mail Statistics, Make a FAST (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking) Appointment, Mailers' Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), National Virtual AIM Meeting - June 4, 2020 (Video Presentation), National Virtual AIM Meeting- June 4, 2020 (Slide Presentation), 3 Digit ZIP/AISU Office List (AISUREPT.TXT), Area/District 3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Code Assignments (AREA_DIST_ZIP.TXT), Address Information System (AIS) Products Technical Guide, Address Information System (AIS) Viewer User Guide, Address Information System (AIS) Products Order Form, Address Information System (AIS) Products Pricing, Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) Web Access Request Form. At a modest 5% increase, property managers have a ballpark estimate for what to expect from the post-Black Friday delivery spike. That the Oversized locker saw so much use is an important reminder that a good package management solution must be scalable and adaptable. User guide for Address Information System (AIS) Viewer, an application that provides the ability to retrieve, view, and print reports on demand at a 5-digit ZIP code level. The eLOT product allows mailers the ability to sort their mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence. The dust has finally settled from Black Friday. These stats shed light on the aftermath of “the largest online shopping day in US history”, and paint a picture of the unique package management challenges apartment communities face every December. Delivery Statistics Product contains information regarding delivery by carrier route and Post Office box section.

Levis, Director of Process Management, is active in the analytics community and has a TED talk recounting the travails he and ORION went through before getting it accepted and implemented at UPS.

This is some blog description about this site, Melody Akhtari oversees communications, marketing, and media relations at Luxer One, the multifamily industry’s leading package management solution provider.

This year, 75% more packages were delivered to the Oversized locker in the week after Black Friday than the previous week. But somehow, mysteriously, almost without my knowing it, I did become one. Residents picked up their packages 43% faster. On an individual level, shoppers ordered more packages this year than the 2017 Black Friday weekend—but not that many more. Daily package volume is continuing to rise in December.

1. This is not surprising; last year, delivery rates also increased as December continued instead of dropping back down. This article will review some package theft statistics, provide you with package theft prevention strategies, and highlight the … This is good news for property managers.

1. 4.

$67.8 B. If your communities accept packages for its residents, then almost every office employs people on the sly to get packages to people. The consumer behavior of shopping online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals has remained steady.

Companies like UPS and Fedex are longtime users of operations research methods like optimization and simulation to route inter-city shipments, site […]

It's important for multifamily properties to be prepared for an entire month of extraordinarily high package volume. The use of analytics in package delivery is not new. Here is a comprehensive list of all the FedEx statistics you need to know including revenue, shipments, vehicles, packages, etc • 55 FedEx Statistics and Facts (2020) | …

Here's a snapshot of package delivery statistics from thousands of multifamily communities across the United States. Routings that, at the moment, seem counter-intuitive to drivers (e.g. The Carrier Route Product provides reference information needed to apply carrier route codes to addresses for presort postage discounts. Obtain the Preferred Last Line City State Key value from the ZIP+4 record. It is available through Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF). Using this information for sampling?

True, the week following Black Friday 2018 saw more packages per day delivered than in 2017—and for that matter, any other week in history. Package volume at multifamily communities has skyrocketed in recent months. Neelesh Mundra: One of the biggest technology advancements for delivery by 2030, potentially, is going to be drones extending reach in India, which has always been a struggle for typical parcel-delivery players. In particular, it summarises the developments during the 2007–2017 period for which official reporting on packaging waste for all … The average pickup time for 2018 is 16.4 hours. Apartment communities across the country often are overwhelmed with the problems presented by package delivery and management. Delivery Statistics. Until I got into the Student Housing market, I did not know I would become an Unpaid Volunteer Delivery Person (UVDP). Companies like UPS and Fedex are longtime users of operations research methods like optimization and simulation to route inter-city shipments, site new depots, allocate shipments among different modes, and simulate capacity utilization.

Multifamily Training and Career Development, the largest online shopping day in US history, Brisk Holiday Online Sales Reinforce the Need for Modern Package Management, Multifamily Package Volume Approaching Breaking Point.

***Includes Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Packages, Package Services, Parcel Return Service and Parcel Select. Leading retailers playing a more active role in delivery 46 Amazon 46 Alibaba 46 47 Argos 47 Click & Collect 48 3. But Amazon is trying to catch up, throwing considerable resources into all aspects of the delivery chain, to gain knowledge, experience and data quickly. ZIPMove Product offers a means of correcting addresses that have undergone a ZIP Code™ realignment in which a change in city name and finance number occurred. But shoppers seem to have settled into a groove; surveyed properties saw only 5% more total packages delivered this year during the same time period. It’s a sentiment that has echoed through leasing offices across the country since the emergence of Covid-19.

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