We're musicians ourselves, and we're passionate about all these fantastic effects and what they do. Finding the distortion, overdrive, boost, or fuzz pedal that's perfect for you is easy when you shop at Sweetwater. But turn up the former knob, and you’ll add saturation and crunch. VIEW PRICING . Where an overdrive will probably react differently to different amps, a distortion pedal's tone is one you should make sure you're happy with the timbre of, because that's what you've got to work with. In fact, the key difference between distortion effects and overdrive effects (amp or pedal) is that distortion effects usually aim to produce the same amount of distortion regardless of volume. The term "stacking" refers to connecting more than one overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal together and using them both at the same time. Plus, we carry all the top brands - from big manufacturers to boutique builders, we carry the pedals you love. Retails for $/£100.

Tone customisation and simplicity are the name of the game with the Sparkle Drive Mod pedal … As a result, distortion pedals tend to have a dramatic effect upon your tone, and are much more of a blunt instrument than an overdrive. One secret to finding that elusive perfect tone is to use two dirt pedals "stacked together" to cascade your gain structure instead of just running a single drive pedal with the gain all of the way up, or running a dirt pedal into a cranked amp. 14. Recommended For: Players looking for a heavy overdrive pedal, or an overdrive/distortion combination in one pedal. Keep the distortion low and output high, and the pedal flirts with boost to overdrive tones.

It may be double the price of a DS-1, but play around with the EQ, particularly the mids knob, and you’ll find those extra dollars worth it. Voodoo Lab Sparkle Overdrive Mod Pedal.

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