The distance is the same either way if you're flying a straight line (or driving the same roads back and forth). Find all the MICHELIN listed restaurants for - Portsmouth on ViaMichelin. The best way to get from London to Portsmouth without a car is to train which takes 1h 29m and costs £20 - … Driving distance from LHR to Portsmouth, United Kingdom. You can print out pages with a travel map. Explore! See distance to other cities from Portsmouth – England – United Kingdom measured in kilometers (km), miles and nautical miles and their local time. You can also transfer your London - Portsmouth route calculation from your computer to the app by saving the route as a Favourite in your Michelin account. If it's a real road trip, you might want to check out interesting places along the way, or maybe eat at a great restaurant. The distance between London and Portsmouth is 65 miles. Help make this service available to everyone in the world and translate into other languages. You might be more Next, drive for another 13 minutes then stop at Hampton Court and stay for 1 hour. Click the button below to explore Portsmouth in detail. That's what Trippy is perfect for, Scroll down. There are some more great features awaiting. London is located in: United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, Portsmouth. And, to ensure you are well prepared for your stay in Portsmouth, you can search the MICHELIN tourist site and restaurant selections (for all covered destinations) and book your accommodation at no additional cost. helping you figure out travel plans in detail. UKdistance team would very much appreciate if you shared our website with your community, friends, family etc. (function(){for(var g="function"==typeof Object.defineProperties?Object.defineProperty:function(b,c,a){if(a.get||a.set)throw new TypeError("ES3 does not support getters and setters. Looking for ideas for more destinations within driving distance of London? Get driving directions How do I travel from Portsmouth to London without a car? (e in b)&&0=b[e].o&&a.height>=b[e].m)&&(b[e]={rw:a.width,rh:a.height,ow:a.naturalWidth,oh:a.naturalHeight})}return b}var C="";u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.getBeaconData",function(){return C});u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run",function(b,c,a,d,e,f){var r=new y(b,c,a,e,f);x=r;d&&w(function(){window.setTimeout(function(){A(r)},0)})});})();pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run('/ngx_pagespeed_beacon','','7q8jey6GOh',true,false,'zULOJAq1T24'); Our affiliates may aggregate this information with other information that you have provided to them or that you have collected as part of your use of the services. The halfway point is Kingston, OH. Finally, drive for about 13 minutes and arrive in Portsmouth. You can also view and book any of the hotels selected from the MICHELIN Guide. To obtain this information, simply click on the "Detailed trip cost" button at the foot of your London - Portsmouth route. Driving distance from London, United Kingdom to Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Whether you want to book a stay in Portsmouth or simply stop off on your London - Portsmouth route, you can book the accommodation of your choice (hotel, gîte, B&B, campsite, apartment). The total driving distance from LHR to Portsmouth, United Kingdom is 74 miles or 119 kilometers. Half of the trip is reached in . This is the fastest route from London, OH to Portsmouth, OH. Nonstop drive: 79 miles … How far is Portsmouth from London? If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 01 hours 06 minutes. Get the best route from London to Portsmouth with ViaMichelin. Now let's assume you have a private jet and you can fly in the The route likely to offer the shortest journey time to the chosen destination, favouring main roads and, in particular, highways. You can also add information on Michelin restaurants, tourist attractions or hotels in London or Portsmouth. Subscribe to the ViaMichelin newsletter. You can also calculate the cost of driving from London, United Kingdom to Portsmouth, United Kingdom based on current Drive for 19 minutes then stop in Guildford and stay for 1 hour. The distance between Portsmouth and London is 65 miles. Driving non-stop from London to Portsmouth How far is Portsmouth from London? Journey times for this option will tend to be longer. fastest possible straight line between London, United Kingdom and ViaMichelin offers the option of the most economical route for your London - Portsmouth journey. To calculate the distance the Haversine formula is applied. Bing Maps, or The road distance is 74.3 miles. 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