Olá! Coração fica na rede, na rede, na rede Y con esa boca, que Dios te a dado, me obligas, Me devoran, los segundo de todas las horas, De todo lo que existe, ya es muy profundo, Lo que mas quiero en este mundo, es estar a tu lado, Las ganas de ti me deboran, los segundo de todas las horas, I looked for you so much until you arrived, And with this mouth that God has given you, you obligate me, The want for you doesn't stop, every second of every hour, Come and kiss me a lot, the world doesn't matter, Because I always take you with me (inside), Of everything that exists, (ours) is already deep, The thing I most want in life is to be by your side, Come and kiss me now, the world doesn't matter. La la la la la Your blue Spanish eyes are my witness. La la la la la 3) She says: "Las ganas de ti me deboran", not "Las ganas de ti me debora". Truth or dare on the dance floor (la la la) Please add video Lyrics to 'La la la (Brazil 2014) (english)' by Shakira: Essa bola vai rolar Mundo é um tapete verde Quando a bola chega lá Coração fica na rede, na rede, na rede Olá! These are the mistakes I noticed in the lyrics: Hear the whistle, kick the ball La la la I dare you, Feel how the planet's become one “Dare (La La La)” is the 2nd international single off of Shakira.This club banger involves Shakira seducing a potential lover on the dance floor. Olá! The entire world soars like an eagle, In Rio we play like we dance Off the bench, you gotta own it You know I like you like nobody's business It's truth or dare on the dance floor, La la la la la Feel it, feel it, feel, feel... Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. I dare you, Of all the millions on the planet With everyone watching No more doubts, the time is coming You're the one who's keeping me on it Is it true that you want it? Shakira La La La lyrics: Hola, hola! La la la la la This looks like a project of a perpetuum ... Þú Og Ég - Í Reykjavíkurborg lyrics request. I dare you to kiss me La La La (Brazil 2014) Lyrics: Essa bola vai rolar / O mundo é um tapete verde / Quando a bola chega lá / Coração fica na rede, na rede, na rede / Ola, ola! Essa bola vai rolar La la la la la When your eyes got me drunk, I was sober, Is it true that you love me? Get ready, we'll do it again Please add video Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) Dare (La La La) lyrics: Hola! I dare you to touch me It's truth or dare, can you feel it? It's truth or dare, can you feel it? Leggo Leggo Leggo Leggo. Then act like you mean it Lyrics to 'Dare (La La La) (en Español)' by Shakira.

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