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Of course it's mummification.

Stories about Christian saints are suspect at best.

I'll agree with you on one thing, Dergonstieff. St. Bernadette is the most often cited example of miraculous incorruptibility.

It's just more proof of the stupidity of religions. Incorruptibility became a component of beatification-- the process of becoming sainted. This process also included the prospective saint appearing in visions to people after death and performing miracles, either … ", https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/apr/25/catholicism.italy. The apparition appeared eighteen separate times, occasionally giving the girl small bits of encouragement, and most famously, pointing her to the source of the healing spring waters there. - "Why does it only seem to happen to Christians and not others?".

"She was very open about the history of the body so there wasn’t any denial about its current condition or past treatments. Buddhist monks go through a process of self-mummification by fasting for longer and longer periods until all fat has disappeared from their bodies. Welcome back my lovely!!!

The idea of incorruptibility actually ties in with major Catholic beliefs.

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It sounds like a horrible way to die, but it's no proof of divinity. © 2020 Atlas Obscura.

So good to see your mind back on the boards we have missed you. All proceeds will go to keeping the Atheist Republic website up and running; providing resources, advocacy, community tools and encouragement to atheists all over the world. Although several miracles turned out to be short-term recoveries or outright hoaxes, many others were confirmed at the time, and claims continue to this day. It could very well be that they swallow as much as they can of some embalming concoction just before they die, it could be that they keep the glass box air tight when they are buried for 3 years and that turns them in to beef jerky. In the words of the attending doctor in 1919: “The body is practically mummified, covered with patches of mildew and quite a notable layer of salts, which appear to be calcium salts… The skin has disappeared in some places, but it is still present on most parts of the body.”. Normally after death, our bodies naturally decompose. Yes. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site.

A team of biochemists and other experts has worked since the exhumation to get the body into a fit state to be shown. Join Atlas Obscura and Tastemade for a journey through the botanical side of Paris, from hidden flower farms to one of France's oldest fragrance houses. I did not conduct a thorough analysis of your claims, but I've paid attention to medical research and the sciences and know that the human body begins decomposing rather quickly.

Recently I went to Italy and saw a museum of Saints who had been dead for many years some of them for a couple hundred years, yet their bodies haven't decayed yet.

I guess there's nothing left in their bodies for decay organisms to feed on, so the corpses just dry out. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/mummified-monk-breathes-new-life-i... http://www.rightfulreligion.com/en187_differences-in-the-dead-bodies-of-... One Hundred Above-board Questions about God, Why There Is No God: Quick Responses to 10 Common Theist Arguments.

View Atheist Republic in another language! This church sits upon a peaceful hill and a long, turbulent history. His ass will come back, no worries. Incorruptibility is a Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox belief that divine intervention allows some human bodies (specifically saints and beati) to avoid the normal process of decomposition after death as a sign of their holiness.

The remains of the left arm of the levitating philosopher-saint are kept in a 13th-century Neapolitan basilica.

They're real sucker magnets. The mummification of bodies whether by intentional processes or their presence in oxygen free environments can preserve more of the outer integrity of the body, but there is still catastrophic degradation of the systems required to support life.

After her death, she was exhumed no less than three times and found to be perfectly intact at each, which makes it seem strange that the lovely face and hands that are so famous are actually made of wax.

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