Hi Lindsay. Stay away from epoxy foam. Now that you have killed all of the bees you need to dispose of the beehive. I see one or two bees a year in my living room usually around this time but nothing again for about a year. You hear buzzing, you start seeing honey bees active around your property, after some searching you find bees flying to and from a particular spot – an opening in your wall or soffit, a crack in the foundation, under some siding. Usually the confusion starts when people notice one or two bees in the house. They are usually seen upstairs. Look for any place bees might be able to get into. This is not normal a bee really, I’m today again. I have found a considerable number of bees in my bedroom which has two windows and a vent. When in doubt call your local bee specialist. I have started to see about 2 or 3 bees flying in to gaps around my brick work at the top of my house which has left me petrified I will get another swarm this year. Since bees are active throughout the day, these points shouldn't be hard to find. This summer has also provided plenty of weather for bees, with plenty of flowers to gather nectar and new queens starting up colonies in suitable sheltered spots. I called the local pest control and they can’t make it out until tomorrow. Look at all the places on the exterior where bees might be able to get in. Bumblebee nests are a rare find so consider yourself extremely lucky to have come across one and should not be moved! Some are dead on the floor or window sill and others seem to be on the window looking for a way out. If you think you may have bees in your chimney, its better to listen than to look. The longer you wait to resolve the bee problem, the bigger the hive will get (and the more expensive it will be to remove it). With situations this complicated, a licensed professional is always the best way to go. Bumble bees like to nest in the ground, and the queen will often choose a deserted rodent hole to build her nest. Normally we recommend people call a bee removal company (or beekeeper) to remove the bees alive. Make it as quiet as possible in the room…and just listen. Share below if you were able to find the bees using this checklist. Hi Kayla. If bees are flying and/or crawling inside your home, there may be a swarm or hive in the attic or wall voids of your home. I sprayed the living room, when I woke up this morning, is was dead. It is possible for bees to build a hive in between two floors. Other than Raid, Borax can be used as a pesticide against bees. We have been getting 3 bees a day on average all winter…I know we are infested somewhere but we live in an old historical home and its quite big. I’m not sure where you reside, but here in San Diego we are experiencing an early start to swarm season. She has been published in “The Los Angeles Times,” “Heavy Duty Trucking,” “Truckers News” and “RoadStar” magazines. They will not … Hi! I would start by looking at the side of the house closest to the room where you notice the bees are getting inside. I just found 3 bees crawling around on my windowsill. Caution should be taken when approaching a bumble bee nest. Every day for the past week I have encountered ‘baby bees’ (I’ve been calling them that b/c they are no bigger than 1cm & they dont fly away when I take them outside) crawling on my stair landing which is by a sunny window. There is an a/c in the wall, but again it has been there for a good 20+ yrs. It’s hard to say if the bees will continue or not. Thanks! I figured that gaps and cracks in walls would be pretty straight forward, but bees getting into my home is a huge phobia that I have, so this was a great checklist for me to go and make sure it’s all working well. But then the next day, a few more get inside! Their stingers are also big. Let me guess. It is possible the bees may be attracted to the water on the damp clothing hanging on the washing line. This provides us information regarding the bees that are getting inside the home. Some are dead, some are flying. On the other hand, there is a chance that some bees have gotten inside via an open window or door. One person ... Seal Up. I’m pretty sure the bees are getting in from somewhere on the roof. Notice any buzzing? Hi Rhonda. I see no hive anywhere in that room. So to answer your question of this being helpful? Off the top of my head there may be a few things going on. This all happened before I read your info. Hi Tracee. I have had 10 bees in my house in past couple days. Deborah Whistler began writing professionally in 1978. Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. Outside this room is a vent for the attic – is it possible that is where a hive or the main bee problem exist and if so what do I do. We hope this checklist will be helpful in figuring out if you have a bee problem. Bees are getting inside my home! Once you have determined who is financially responsible, contact a bee removal or pest control company so they can determine how the bees are entering the structure of your home. The bees are yellow jackets which I thought were ground nesters, This room is over a basement that is 3/4 of an open basement where the rest is a crawl space of sand covered with moisture barrier heavy plastic. Bees are attracted to sunlight, so they will naturally gravitate towards the windows. We have been championing the incredible diversity of Scotland’s wildlife for over 50 years; from lichens, wood ants and butterflies, to golden eagles, basking sharks and beavers. Should I be worried or is this some that happens alot? It might also be that there is no swarm yet, and you only have scout bees. Assuming that these are the same bees (and not another bee issue), my first thought is that the Pest Control Company may have used a product that repelled the bees further into the structure. Instead, they will just find another way out and usually that is another room of home. We had a swarm of bees outside in a tree. but it couldnt have been any closer to what happened. I would call the company you hired and ask for a supervisor to discuss the insecticide that was used. OK, so maybe you still can’t hear anything from the inside. If all else fails and you are still unable to determine how the bees are getting inside, call a pest control company to perform an inspection. Our work to save Scotland’s wildlife is made possible thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters. Start by walking around the perimeter of the house during the hottest part of the day. Usually if the bees are in a common area, the association will pay for it. Lemon or citrus scented air fresheners and/or honey baked items in the kitchen? What you are experiencing could be that the bees have made their way into your home from the outside vents and are getting trapped inside that room and dying from dehydration. I would keep an eye on it daily. The bugs where you live may be different that the ones we deal with here in San Diego, CA. Do we need to call someone or are we just worried and it’s part of bee season. It’s possible you may need to hire a pest control professional who will inspect the roof. I’ve had two come out of somewhere in my living room and am worried there will be more. We looked outside to see where they hang out but we see nothing? Last summer bees found a crack in the stone on the side of the house and several would find their way inside. turned the TV off, and YEP buzz,buzz,BUZZ! Soap and Water. A checklist of what to look for if you suspect you have bees that need to be removed. Hi Kirsty. Are there any other attractants that might be bringing them to your home? They will come out and do an inspection and rule out all possible scenarios.

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