13/09/20 Watson Amelia, 13/05/18 Yozora Mel Momosuzu Nene debuted on August 13, 2020. [10], On 5 April 2018, Cover released an update to the Hololive app that removed its AR functionality,[11] but added the ability for users to translate their facial movements into those of one of four animated avatars in real time. Popular VTubers managed by the agency include Inugami Korone, Shirakami Fubuki, Usada Pekora, Minato Aqua, Kiryu Coco, and Gawr Gura. Nonstop Story", a live concert at the Toyosu Pit in Kōtō, Tokyo, with all 22 then-current members of Hololive and AZKi. Its members, who debuted daily from 12 to 16 August, were respectively Yukihana Lamy (雪花ラミィ), Momosuzu Nene (桃鈴ねね), Shishiro Botan (獅白ぼたん), Mano Aloe (魔乃アロエ), and Omaru Polka (尾丸ポルカ). Nonstop Story (24 January) – all then-current members of Hololive (Gen 0, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gamers, Gen 3) and AZKi; "VILLS" Virtual Unit Festival (21 March; cancelled), Bilibili Spring V Festival (22 March) – Shirakami Fubuki and Natsuiro Matsuri; virtual event live streamed on Bilibili and Niconico, Niconico Net Chokaigai 2020 (18–19 April) – Hololive Gen 1 on Day 1, and Tokino Sora, Minato Aqua and Shirakami Fubuki on Day 2; virtual event. 13/09/20 Gawr Gura [77] On 19 October, both talents resumed streaming activities.

[57] Auditions for a 2nd generation of Indonesian talents were held from 3 July to 19 July. Mano Aloe (魔乃アロエ, Mano Aroe) is a former female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its fifth generation of VTubers alongside Yukihana Lamy, Momosuzu Nene, Shishiro Botan and Omaru Polka. [52], On 24 January 2020, Cover held "hololive 1st fes. 13/08/20 Momosuzu Nene The three agencies continued to operate as separate entities under their respective management teams. [1], Cover debuted Tokino Sora, the first talent using the company's motion capture software, on 7 September 2017. Animator rariemonn [59], On 6 August, Hololive announced the imminent debut of its 5th generation. [67], On 23 October, Cover announced "hololive 2nd fes. [46] Usada Pekora and Uruha Rushia debuted on 7 July,[47] while Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, and Houshou Marine debuted in early August.
[4][5] In February 2017, Cover released a VR table tennis game for the HTC Vive on Steam. Yukihana Lamy debuted on August 12, 2020. 07/12/18 Ookami Mio [27], On 6 December, Cover unveiled Hololive Gamers, a new group of VTubers led by Fubuki and specializing in let's plays. 17/08/18 Murasaki Shion 12/09/20 Takanashi Kiara

24/12/19 Yukoku Roberu, 03/04/20 Doris 2.1 Image Gallery; 2.2 Video; 3 External links; Members. [68], As of August 2020, Coco had earned approximately 85 million yen ($810,000 USD) in YouTube's Super Chat, making her the highest Super Chat earner of all time according to data collection site Playboard. [51] The 4th generation of Hololive was revealed on 25 December, and its members were Amane Kanata, Kiryu Coco, Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, and Himemori Luna. 03/01/20 Tokoyami Towa [63], On 8 September, Cover released a statement regarding its responses to future harassment of talents; it announced that it would take legal action against harassers and establish a reporting system to catch future incidents. Yukihana Lamy; Debut. Hololive Production (ホロライブプロダクション Hororaibu Purodakushon), or simply known as hololive (ホロライブ), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by Cover Corp. 16/08/20 Omaru Polka, CEO YAGOO [54] Tokyo-based news agency PANORA reported on 27 December 2019 that tickets had sold out and that Cover would be live streaming the event on Niconico. 1.1 Former Members; 2 Media. Hololive Production (Japanese: ... On 31 August, Cover announced that Aloe had decided to leave Hololive due to mental and physical stress. -Graduated- Tsukishita Kaoru Each received a three-week suspension from all activities.

STAFF A-Chan 07/09/17 Tokino Sora Welcome to Hololive Fan Wiki! [31][32], On 8 January 2019, Hololive announced that it had signed a contract with Chinese video platform Bilibili. 13/04/19 Inugami Korone, 17/07/19 Usada Pekora [70], In September 2020, Coco and Haato each mentioned Taiwan while discussing their YouTube channel analytics, which list the region's statistics separately from that of mainland China. 14/12/19 Kishido Temma [53] PANORA reported in their recap on 24 January 2020 that the concert had the largest cast of any event to that date in the VTuber industry,[55] and in an article in February 2020 that lines for admission had stretched onto a nearby bridge. Originally independent; joined INNK Music on 19 May 2019, Originally a non-Hololive VTuber with Cover; transferred to Hololive on 25 December 2018, Contract terminated and channels removed on 26 June 2018, VtuberLand2019 (4–10 October) – all then-current members of Hololive; held at.

Yukihana Lamy debuted on August 12, 2020. She also asked fans to not contact her acquaintance and to stop calling her home phone. Shishiro Botan debuted on August 14, 2020. -Graduated- Mano Aloe. 2.1 Image Gallery; 2.2 Video; 3 External links; Members. [14] On 13 May, Hololive debuted Yozora Mel;[15] the rest of the 1st generation began their activities on Twitter on 1 June,[16] and debuted between 1 and 3 June.

Hololive Production (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション Hororaibu Purodakushon) or simply known as Hololive (Japanese: ホロライブ Hororaibu), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by Cover Corp.As of September 9, 2020 there are now 56 talents under Hololive and its branches (31 Hololive, 10 Holostars, 6 Hololive CN, 3 Hololive ID, 5 Hololive EN, and 1 INNK Music). ホロライブ5期生「獅白ぼたん」「雪花ラミィ」「尾丸ポルカ」「魔乃アロエ」「桃鈴ねね」デビュー決定のお知らせ, https://hololive.wiki/w/index.php?title=Hololive_5th_Generation&oldid=13700, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). hololive Virtual YouTuber Aloe announced in a video streamed on her channel on Monday that she will be taking a two-week break from streaming … In December 2019, it was combined with the male Holostars agency and INoNaKa (INNK) Music label to form a single brand named "Hololive Production"; the three agencies are still managed semi-independently of each other. Twitter: Links Momosuzu Nene; Debut. 30/01/20 Spade Echo, 10/04/20 Ayunda Risu 28/12/19 Kiryu Coco On 31 August, Cover announced that Aloe had decided to leave Hololive due to mental and physical stress.

In 2019 and 2020, Hololive debuted three overseas branches: Hololive China (CN), Hololive Indonesia (ID), and Hololive English (EN). List of all known hololive member design sheets.

[60][61] Shortly after Aloe's debut, an unknown individual discovered and publicized a video that had been posted on a personal account on the Japanese streaming service TwitCasting [ja] months prior, in which Aloe was seen testing her Live2D model;[62] also part of the leak were Aloe's personal information and the identity of a male acquaintance. 01/11/19 Civia [71][72] The incidents sparked outrage among Chinese viewers, and were followed by an official statement from Cover in Japanese, English, and simplified Chinese on 27 September. [23] Aqua debuted on YouTube on 8 August,[23] and Shion on 18 August. ⚔️ 08/08/19 Shirogane Noel Unlike earlier VTubers such as Kizuna AI, Hololive talents focus on live streaming rather than pre-recorded clips; regular content includes singing, gaming, and live chats with fans. Omaru Polka (尾丸ポルカ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its fifth generation of VTubers alongside Yukihana Lamy, Momosuzu Nene, Shishiro Botan and Mano Aloe. Rushia, Aqua, Pekora, and Marine were also among the top ten highest Super Chat earners.

05/04/20 Rosalyn [49], On 2 December, Cover consolidated its Hololive, INNK Music, and Holostars agencies under a new brand, Hololive Production. 04/01/20 Himemori Luna, ☃️ 12/08/20 Yukihana Lamy [12][13] Auditions for five new characters opened on 2 May – Aki Rosenthal, Hitomi Chris, Shirakami Fubuki, Akai Haato, and Natsuiro Matsuri. Contents. 1 Members. [50] Also on 2 December, Suisei transferred to Hololive from INNK, leaving AZKi as the music label's only member. (みこのつとめっ!) under a new brand, Holo Anime (ホロアニメ). A video on twitcast of an utaite with an almost identical voice to Aloe’s was found and posted to other websites, and contained information that many Japanese fans considered sensitive and foreboding of Aloe’s ability to ruin Hololive as a company. ❣️ 02/06/18 Akai Haato, 07/12/19 Astel Leda Artist Nagishiro Mito 1.1 Former Members; 2 Media. [1] On 22 October 2020, Hololive EN's Gawr Gura became the first Hololive channel to reach one million YouTube subscribers. [53] The concert was announced on 4 November 2019. [33][34] On 3 April, two new members joined Hololive Gamers, Nekomata Okayu on 6 April[35] and Inugami Korone on 13 April. [c] On 25 June, Cover terminated Chris's employment and channel due to a contract breach. [24] The two were followed by Nakiri Ayame and Yuzuki Choco, who debuted on 3 and 4 September respectively,[25] and Oozora Subaru on 16 September. Momosuzu Nene debuted on August 13, 2020. [48], The first generation of Hololive China began debuting on 27 September with Yogiri (夜霧).

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