Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree. By 10191 AG, the Harkonnens had managed to amass considerable wealth through spice mining. [10], The Prelude to Dune series, also by Brian Herbert and Anderson, explores the decades immediately prior to the events in Dune. The cost in bribes and Guild shipping from the Ixian factories must have been astronomical.


Matti Harkonen 1891 - 1968.

Their capital was Giedi Prime, a heavily industrialised planet with a low photosynthetic potential. Abulurd refuses a direct order from his commander, Vorian, to kill a multitude of humans enslaved by the thinking machines. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

The long-running feud with the Atreides originated after Abulurd refused an order from Vorian Atreides, to kill the millions of humans enslaved by the thinking machines.

A peace-loving man and the polar opposite of his older brother Vladimir, Abulurd is happy to relinquish the Harkonnen name, adopt his wife's surname "Rabban," and retire to Lankiveil to distance himself from the self-serving, underhanded, and violent actions of both his brother and of his own son, Glossu.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. House Harkonnen is effectively crippled; Paul's son Leto Atreides II ultimately rules the Known Universe for 3500 years as the "God Emperor," or the "Tyrant. Despite House Harkonnen's relative power prior to the end of the Corrino Empire, Vladimir Harkonnen desired the ultimate achievement of usurping the Corrinos and form the Harkonnen Empire. "[3] The Harkonnen homeworld Giedi Prime itself is an industrial wasteland with a low photosynthetic potential, its once-rich natural resources exhausted and the environment fouled with industrial pollution. House Harkonnen was most famous for its underhanded and sinister political tactics, and for an ancient feud it maintained with another Great House, House Atreides. Army

They were used in governance, in the day-to-day running of the Harkonnen household, and in controlling the Harkonnen armies. Au début du roman Dune, la Maison Harkonnen occupe la planète Arrakis en fief-siridar (gouvernorat planétaire) mais, après avoir été longtemps à la tête de cette planète unique dans tout l’Imperium, la seule source de Mélange de l'univers, ils sont remerciés par l’Empereur Shaddam IV qui donne ce fief à la Maison Atréides.

"[9] Miles also notes in Heretics of Dune that the Harkonnen bloodline possesses "genetic lines tracing far away into the dawn times of Greek and Pathan and Mameluke. [2], As the novel Dune begins, House Harkonnen is headed by the cruel yet cunning Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

It has been suggested that the Harkonnen name comes from Sweden as a derivation of Hakkon - but it is likely that it is indeed from Finland, as Härkönen is a 20th-century Finnish name. it:Casa Harkonnen

Regular Great House Red, Blue

Irene Cecilia Harkonen 1921 - 1995. "[9] Miles Teg asks himself: Why did the Tyrant permit Family Harkonnen to squander so much of their last remaining wealth on such an enterprise? The Death Hand is a superweapon which fired to a specific target.

You failed me at the moment I needed you most.

Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) Colors Dmitri had two sons with his subsequent wife Daphne; Marotin, a mentally retarded son who had died at age 28 of natural causes, and Abulurd, eventually Dmitri's favorite child. Les personnages de l'œuvre de Frank Herbert peuvent être reliés à la Maison Harkonnen selon l'arbre généalogique ci-dessous. "[6] A millennia-long feud exists between the decadent Harkonnens and House Atreides of Caladan; the Harkonnens have essentially bought their status while the Atreides are related to the Emperor by blood, and the fact that an Atreides once had a Harkonnen banished for cowardice in ancient times is still bitterly remembered some 10,000 years later. [7], The Baron's intent to exterminate the Atreides line seems close to fruition as Duke Leto Atreides is lured to the desert planet Arrakis on the pretense of taking over the valuable melange operation there. Browse profiles of historical people with the Harkonen last name. Xavier eventually became a Primero during the Butlerian Jihad, but was disgraced when he killed Grand Patriarch Iblis Ginjo, in the Thalim system.

ko:하코넨 가문 Now in control of Arrakis, the source of the all-important spice melange, Paul unseats the Emperor.[4].

But this Harkonnen treachery sets in motion Paul's rise to power among Arrakis' native Fremen, and positions him as a threat to the Imperial interests there. It is during Dmitri's reign that House Harkonnen grows in status and is rewarded with the governorship of Arrakis by Shaddam's father, Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX.

According to Prelude to Dune, Dmitri's first wife Victoria bore Vladimir; the marriage had ended with a bitter divorce. The patriarch of the family, Ulf Harkonnen, and his wife, Katarina, were caught by Cymeks in their starship, above the planet Caladan. "Terminology of the Imperium: GIEDI PRIME". Xavier's grandson, Abulurd Harkonnen, came to be the founder of House Harkonnen.

Piers, a son who accompanied them, was ejected down to the planet's surface, was never heard from again, and was presumed dead.

Harkonnen has an agent in the Atreides household and the secret assistance of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV; the Baron manages to kill Leto, and the Duke's concubine Lady Jessica and son Paul are left to die in the open desert.

After many centuries toiling as a House Minor, Harkonnen influence gradually rose within the Landsraad, due mostly to shrewd manipulation of the whale fur market, which was primarily the efforts of Baron Dmitri Harkonnen and his son Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. The Harkonnen bloodline itself extends throughout all of the original Dune novels.

Ginjo's own political machine paints Xavier as a traitor, and the surname Harkonnen is abandoned by his immediate descendants. The following family tree assembles information from Frank Herbert's original novels as well as the prequel series Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune. It has been suggested that the Harkonnen name comes from Sweden as a derivation of Hakkon - but it is likely that it is indeed from Finland, as Härkönen is a 20th-century Finnish name. His brother, Xavier Harkonnen, was raised by adoptive parents of the Tantor family, Emil and Lucille, on the League capital world of Salusa Secundus.

House Harkonnen ultimately works its way back into the graces of the Imperium. "[9], —Vorian Atreides, Dune: The Battle of Corrin, The Legends of Dune prequel trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson explores the origins of House Harkonnen, and later their feud with the Atreides. Their responsibility was to mine the spice melange and supply it to the universe. House Harkonnen essentially ceased to be during the time of Muad'Dib's Jihad.

House Major When Vorian tells Xavier's grandson (the first Abulurd Harkonnen) the truth, he takes his grandfather's name with pride.

La Maison Harkonnen est une famille noble de fiction issue de l’univers du Cycle de Dune créé par l'écrivain Frank Herbert. House Harkonnen features prominently in the Dune computer games. The official seal of House Harkonnen bears the image of a., licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence.

Les Atréides n'occupent Arrakis que brièvement, avant d'en être délogés par surprise, attaqués par les troupes Harkonnen assistées par les soldats d'élite de l'empereur (déguisés en Harkonnen), les Sardaukar. Le lieu emblématique des Harkonnen sur Geidi Prime (par la suite Gamu) est « Baronnie », un gigantesque édifice (de plusieurs kilomètres de haut et plusieurs dizaines en largeur) qui fait office de capitale et de prison géante. Harkonnen are still red. Leurs membres, à l'image du baron Vladimir Harkonnen, sont cruels et avides. Giedi Prime is a powerful noble family in Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe. Après avoir repris Arrakis aux Atréides et y avoir placé son neveu Rabban « la Bête » pour y collecter le maximum de bénéfice en « pressurant » la planète, le baron Vladimir Harkonnen sera tué par Alia Atréides lors de la bataille d'Arrakeen. La Maison Harkonnen est une famille noble de fiction issue de l’univers du Cycle de Dune créé par l'écrivain Frank Herbert. Faisant partie des Grandes Maisons du Landsraad, la Maison Harkonnen est installée sur le fief de la planète Giedi Prime et gère pendant longtemps le fief d'Arrakis. The Harkonnen family during the time of the League of Nobles maintained a burgeonning commercial empire, and owned mining operations on the planet H…

Thus, he secretly plotted against both House Atreides and House Corrino, hoping to destroy the former and overpower the latter through force and marriage. Herbert, Frank (1965). As a result, Abulurd was labelled a coward and a traitor. House Harkonnen had built its power on maximising production output, and minimising production expenses by ignoring economically ethical behaviour.

Through their persecution of the Fremen, and through the minimisation of outlay on infrastructure and pay, the Harkonnens managed to pay the tithe they owed to the Emperor, as well as keep a substantial amount of melange for themselves.
This I swear: From this day forth, let all who bear the name Atreides spit on the name of Harkonnen! Paavo William Harkonen 1903 - 1974. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ce non-globe servira au Bashar Miles Teg à protéger un ghola de Duncan Idaho contre les Honorées Matriarches revenues de la Dispersion. Ce changement est en fait un plan conçu par l'Empereur, aidé du baron Vladimir Harkonnen, pour se débarrasser du duc Leto Atréides, qui commence à prendre trop d'importance dans l'Imperium, menaçant son trône impérial. Human life is of little consequence to the Baron or his nephews, the brutish Glossu Rabban and Harkonnen's heir Feyd-Rautha; both are the legal sons of the Baron's youngest demibrother, Abulurd Rabban, who had "renounced the Harkonnen name and all rights to the title when given the subdistrict governorship of Rabban-Lankiveil. House Harkonnen /ˈhɑrkɵnən/[1]

Control of Giedi Prime was given the people of Caladan, and under the direction of Gurney Halleck, once a slave on that world, dismantled the machines of industry, changed its name and the names of its cities, and replanted forests and greenery there.

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