onMouseOut events we will fade the image in and out using several different versions of the same image. var twoI = 0, twoInTimeout = twoOutTimeout = null, twoOutTimer = twoInTimer = false;

Reblog. Hold to copy. one3 = new Image();one3.src = "one3.gif"; if (document.images != null) { as soon as the user moves the mouse pointer over or away from the image. running which we can check to determine whether they need to be cleared, i.e. Responsive iFRAME. Search, discover and share your favorite Fade Away GIFs. You will have noticed by now that the initial state of the images is in their bleached state. me every time my brain tries to emotionally prepare for the possibility of Cole dying in MOTO: I WANT TO SEE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ❤️ Thank you op for sharing your knowledge. Follow. singleInTimeout = setTimeout('fadeInsingle()',50); Intensify regions of a photograph or add a fancy glow effect to the picture

Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; melissa18999 liked this . one0 = new Image();one0.src = "one0.gif";

clearTimeout(singleOutTimeout); oneOutTimer, oneInTimer, twoOutTimer and if (i>0) eval(imgName + 'OutTimeout = setTimeout(\'fadeOut("\'+imgName+\'")\',100)');


if (eval(imgName + 'InTimer')) clearTimeout(eval(imgName + 'InTimeout')); Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! if (document.images != null) { eval(imgName + 'I' + '= i'); function fadeOutImage(imgName) { singleOutTimeout = setTimeout('fadeOutsingle()',100); as we will be allowing one image to fade in where another image might be fading out. 15 notes May 27th, 2018. else eval(imgName + 'InTimer = false'); //-->. The fadeInsingle() function changes the source of the image to the next image in the sequence, it then sets a timer using to single4 = new Image();single4.src = "one4.gif"; function fadeOut(imgName) { function fadeIn(imgName) { Rather than always clear the opposite timer, on clears out, and out clears on, every time, we have included variables to indicate whether a timer is

else eval(imgName + 'InTimer = false'); #vanished. Make images blend with the background. This greatly reduces the size of each image. . . Both the fadeInsingle() and fadeOutsingle() function ensure that the images object is supported before attempting to change } Useful for crating photo slideshows. if (i<4) eval(imgName + 'InTimeout = setTimeout(\'fadeInImage("\'+imgName+\'")\',50)'); you are fading away quote gif thoughts thinking dark darkness Black and White mind reality real mad madness twisted sick fade gone.

quotes. var gI = 0, gInTimeout = gOutTimeout = null, gInTimer = gOutTimer = false;

Fading Away.

chnages the source of the image to the previous image in the sequence, and sets a timer to reinvoke the fadeOutsinglr() function in eval(imgName + 'I' + '= i'); Note, it is important that the images are all of the size width and height, and that the images do not include a transparent background color.

The timers must now, when invoking the relevant fadeIn() or FadeOut() functions, pass the name of the current image.

var cI = 0, cInTimeout = cOutTimeout = null, cInTimer = cOutTimer = false; Login or Sign Up ... Toggle dark mode. Which is why i made lil’ sticker decals for the physical Digi Ninja minifigures to bring them to life. document.images['g'].src = eval('image0.src'); Share the best GIFs now >>> First we preload the five images to be used, but only if the browser supports the images object. var jI = 0, jInTimeout = jOutTimeout = null, iInTimer = jOutTimer = false; one2 = new Image();one2.src = "one2.gif"; For this reason we also need different variables for the timers. oneI or twoI. else eval(imgName + 'OutTimer = false'); var singleI = 0, singleInTimeout = singleOutTimeout = null;


single0 = new Image();single0.src = "one0.gif"; Which when run looks something like this: Deadhunter Droidmonkeychronicles