Additional Information: 1990's era Charlotte Hornets shirt. Historical logos and colors for all 32 current NFL teams and their predecessors. Around the league, the Chaps were known for the vast wealth of their ownership group. Pro Mark NB25 3.5 x 3.5 in. Now the red profile of the predatory bird is surrounded by a circle with the inscription “Atlanta Hawks”. It’s no surprise that the corporate identity was constantly changing. … The name of the club in 1971 was chosen by fans: “cavaliers” means musketeers famous for their bravery and determination. Then, in different years, various balls and the silhouette of Seattle were chosen for the logo. Historical logos and colors for all 31 current NHL teams and their predecessors. The main idea remains the same: the inscription “Orlando Magic”, a ball, stars, and the white-and-blue color palette. Soon the “Celts” acquired a mascot – an Irish leprechaun with a pipe and a cane. The first one is the most remarkable – with a funny deer in a sweater with the letter “B”. The team then returned to New Jersey under the name of the New Jersey Nets. Last updated on June 14, 2012 at 12:30 am ET. The team earned the sound nickname “Sixers” and the red-and-blue logo in the form of the number 76 and a circle of stars. Wolves, bears, deer, and dinosaurs are often the main symbols in sports branding. Discover more of the best Logo, Images, Sport, Google, and Image inspiration on Designspiration. See more. The team was founded as the Denver Larks in 1967 as a charter franchise of the American Basketball Association (ABA), but changed its name to Rockets before the first season. The Chicago Bull is one of the most recognizable and expensive logos in the NBA, which has remained unchanged since 1966. On the first text-based logo the letter “J” resembled both a note and a ball. The modern version looks patriotic: it is a ball in red and blue one of the seams of which resembles the Washington Monument. This article related to Basketball is short. This site is maintained for research purposes only. Shout out to Bring Back the Buzz -, The new "Charlotte Hornets" logo. It changed its name again to the Nuggets in 1974. In 2019, the symbol acquired a round shape. The first logo, in 1946, was decorated by a chubby Dutchman playing basketball, and then the designers resorted to the image of the ball with the word “Knicks”. All logos used on this page were from Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page. The team went from the Buffalo Braves (the Indian soldiers) to the San Diego Clippers (a fast sailing ship San Diego was famous for) and then to the Los Angeles Clippers. Since the 60s, their corporate style has changed six times beyond recognition: at different times they used unusual balls, rockets, and even a cartoon character flying up with a rocket behind his back. 1970 - 1971 Known as Texas Chaparrals. But since the end of the 50s, their corporate style has been characterized by simplicity and conciseness. First, the grizzly growled and held the ball in its paw. The sun-shaped ball with the inscription “Phoenix Suns” was drawn in purple and orange. He helped create a logo in the shape of a black shield with the word “Nets” painted white and a basketball. The modern logo is made in the form of blue-gold wings of a bird that holds a ball in its beak. Behind every logo, there is an exciting story we are going to tell you today. The players started their careers in the 60s in Chicago under the name of the Chicago Packers. You will get 7 letters on your email, where we will share 8 years of Logaster team’s experience. The logo used from 1968-1970. PLEASE do expand it! Despite slight modifications, this image has remained till now. Historical logos and colors for all 26 current MLS teams and their predecessors. After moving to Cincinnati, the team turned into the Cincinnati Kings and received the mascot in the form of a smiling basketball.

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