When he returned to the battlefield, Croaton was on the verge of defeat, forcing Starscream to kill Iaconus by dumping some unspace matter on his head. -Bumblebee Generation Two

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Starscream_(Transformers:_Cyberverse)?oldid=4016394, Starscream and Jetfire's friendship homages their.

Discover Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Class Starscream, for ages 6 YEARS+, and find where to buy this product. Decepticons Optimus Prime and the AllSpark are missing -- and only a memory-scrambled Bumblebee holds the key to finding them in this animated sci-fi series. Manipulating othersPlotting against MegatronKilling Autobots Crimes

Real World Grimlock and Arcee get more than they bargained for when they seek adventure. However, he was later executed by Megatron X, who claimed he outlived his usefulness after easily winning the Great War. Sophia Isabella, Jeremy Levy, Jacob Tillman. Loyalty is a foreign concept to him, and he will sell out anyone to Megatron. When the Autobots got wind up of this plot, Megatron Is My Hero they stole the AllSpark and launched it through a space bridge despite the Seekers' best efforts to retrieve the artifact. When Megatron's injured leg caused him to stumble, a maddened Starscream leapt on the opportunity, kicking his master to the floor and bombarding him with a missile swarm before beating him senseless. Starscream Function: Scheming Second-in-Command "Ugh, Starscream. Action Attack: "Wing Slice" 1.

Persoonlijke cookies kun je accepteren voor een optimale shopervaring of weigeren voor een mindere ervaring. With Meteorfire And Cosmos, In Megatron X's reality, after the tyrant fatally wounded Optimus Prime when his once friend refused to join the Decepticons, Starscream restrained Bumblebee alongside Shadow Striker. Megatron respects him, he appreciates him, and would not casually toss Starscream's life away if it got him something he wanted. Nu ben ik op een missie om mijn geheugen terug te krijgen en te ontdekken welke geweldige krachten ik wel niet heb. A cunning warrior, Starscream is only out for himself.

Judge Ghost Town, After Croaton had flown through a storm and dangerously close to a sun, he happened upon a Quintesson Cruiser, both Cybertronians being taken prisoner. Cube, Starscream later attended the rally where Megatron unveiled the Decepticon faction and emblem. "IT'S MORE POWERFUL THAN I EVER IMAGINED! Evil-doer Siloed Awaken Sleeping Giants, Once the scouting team had made planetfall, Starscream contacted their shuttle for a status report only for the Autobot Bumblebee to answer his call instead.

The End Of The Universe IV, Starscream's head, as depicted from his time as a Quintesson Judge, was eventually recovered at some point following the downfall of the Quintessons by Meteorfire and stored among his alien memorabilia. In Eruption, Starscream and his fleet arrived on Earth, only to find the Ark's crew had been awoken. Starscream Function: Scheming Second-in-Command "Ugh, Starscream. Verander Starscream in 8 stappen van een robot in een vliegtuig. The Ark's crew is forced to go into stasis when the ship's Energon supply runs low.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was the secondary antagonist in season 1. Attempting to spice up the game, Starscream made his way to the Cubes and reprogrammed the AI in one of them to cause chaos only for Bumblebee and Windblade to foil his plot.

However, his plan was foiled when Optimus Prime destroyed the device connecting the emitters.

The End Of The Universe I, To fuel Starscream's metamorphosis, the Quintessons began draining the energon of both the Cybertronian race and the AllSpark once they conquered the metallic planet. Decepticons Fustrated at his time being wasted, he swore to demote Slipstream as far he could when he came to Earth.

Optimus Prime en de AllSpark zijn vermist. Seekers

Type of Villain Witnessing the bestial Cybertronian run through a GroundBridge, Starscream followed, the portal's AllSpark energies healing his wounds. Secondly, his wings are wide with a zigzagging edge compared to the other Seekers' narrow wings with a sharp tip at the end.

Scrapper | Mixmaster | Dirt Boss

This character article is a stub and is missing information on their toys & merchandise. However he knows when the plans get to far, so no actual betrayals. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Parley Anticipating the Autobots' arrival, Starscream abandoned his temporary base and led his Scraplets in an attack on the Nemesis, draining the energon from the Decepticons.

While it seemed as though Cheetor and Bumblebee escaped through the Groundbridge Nexus, they were unexpectedly attacked and paralyzed by Acid Storm, who took them back to Starscream’s new lair. Megatron | Soundwave | Shockwave | Shadow Striker | Sky-Byte | Clobber | Lockdown | Bludgeon | Drift | Alphastrike | Wild Wheel Met deze cookies kunnen wij en derde partijen je persoonlijke advertenties laten zien en kan je informatie delen op social media. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.

Siloed, With his fleet, Starscream entered the Sol system only to find Shockwave had beaten him there.

Decepticons Thus, the Decepticon recommenced their war with the Autobots on Earth.

His attempt was interrupted by Cheetor's arrival, who fought Starscream and extracted the AllSpark from his armor, using it to restore everyone and disable the Scraplets. Hobby Others

Starscream was part of the rally where Megatron unveiled the Decepticon faction and emblem.

The team of Autobots scores a win when they finally locate the missing Ark. 1. Starscream and the Seekers tried and failed to prevent the Autobots from launching the AllSpark through a space bridge. As soon as the broadcast was over, however, he immediately warned the other Decepticons to take Starscream's fate as a reminder of the price of failure.

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If following Megatron is the school of hard knocks, then Starscream is the valedictorian—but not without a few scars.

Allspark, As Cybertron's condition deteriorated due to the loss of the AllSpark, Starscream led Thundercracker, and Nova Storm to the Grand Imperium where the trio attempted to slay Optimus Prime only to be bested and forced to retreat.

Transformers Prime Villains | The Other One. When he returned to the GroundBridge Nexus, he found all the Autobots and Decepticons already there and, after some verbal jousting with Megatron, prepared to extract their sparks only for Optimus to channel the power of the Matrix, its energy blasting the AllSpark out of Starscream and knocking him into stasis. Wil je meer weten over onze cookies of jouw cookiekeuze later weer aanpassen?

When Megatron opted to simply destroy the Earth, he had Shockwave construct a Planet Smasher on the moon, its complex coming under attack from the Autobots. Obviously the Decepticons are not nice dudes, but Starscream is extra cunning. Decepticons Origin

Dat kan in onze cookieverklaring. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Transformers: Cyberverse (retitled Transformers: ... Starscream pits the two against one another to distract both sides from his plans, but this eventually leads to the two leading their respective sides right to him. Eruption, Months of Earth-bound battles eventually resulted in the humans becoming aware of the Transformers. Transformers: Cyberverse. Fractured Starscream sent Slipstream to scout the planet and locate the artifact while he rallied the Decepticon fleet.

Windblade resorts to extreme measures to help Bumblebee recover his memory. Starscream | Overlord | Megatronus Prime | Rodimus Cron | Unicron, Cyberverse The Scientist Working together, the Autobots and Decepticons managed to destroy the Quintesson ship whereupon Starscream made his dramatic return, declaring his race to be guilty.

Starscream | Slipstream | Thundercracker | Nova Storm | Acid Storm | Thrust | Ramjet | Dirge Back on the flagship, an exceptionally smug Starscream kicked Soundwave off the command throne, before ordering the Nemesis to take off. Sideways | Nemesis Prime | Soundwave | Unicron | Scrapmetals, Animated Grimlock samples Wheeljack's new energy drink and loses control. mail mij mocht dit artikel weer op voorraad komen. An adventurous and lovable team of clever young creatures play, grow, laugh, learn and sing together in colorful Zoo York City. Dark Birth Reaching out to his Seekers, Starscream rallied them to him and had them procure Vector Sigma.

Dark Birth, Believing these new beings housed the sparks of ancient Transformers reclaimed from the AllSpark, Starscream plotted to use his new "children" to further his plans. Just about the only things he has going for him are his skills as a flier, and the leadership of the Seekers.

Powers/Skills Optimus and Windblade eventually found Starscream waiting for them on the bridge, where he ordered his Scraplets to attack and drained their energon, preparing to take the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus.

??? Of course, if someone promises him power, Starscream is also willing to sell Megatron out to them. Bekijk ook de andere Action Attackers-figuren, elk afzonderlijk verkrijgbaar, en ontdek de kenmerkende aanvalsactie van je favoriete Cyberverse-personages! Starscream may have once been compassionate, he may once have known what true friendship is, but all that has been replaced, scab for scab, with the lessons of Megatron's abuse. Alien Hunt! Megatron makes an offer to anyone who brings him Optimus Prime's head. Pleased with his gift, the Judge sent Starscream to the Scientist so he could be rewarded by becoming part of the new Judge. Others Alles in overeenstemming met onze privacyverklaring. Starscream 9. The current Judge decided to take the egotistical Seeker and transform him, alongside two others heads, into the judge of his own universe. Cyberverse Scout Class Starscream is roughly the size of a Legends Class figure that converts from robot to Gerwalk modejet with limbs (Also known as a "transformational mode") and back. The one who leads the Seekers into battle against the Autobots.
Before he could pass his judgment on the Prime, Megatron returned aboard Astrotrain, attacking Starscream with exotic energy manipulation abilities that he had gained while in another reality.

1. As one, the Cybertronians gave him contradictory information prompting him to take Arcee as a hostage, threatening to kill her. De laatste stap in de transformatie van Starscream activeert automatisch zijn kenmerkende Starseeker Missile-aanvalsactie!

He’ll sell you out to Megatron, and then sell Megatron out to whoever offers him power.

Time's running out for the Autobots to defend the Ark and awaken Optimus Prime. Starscream has also been disillusioned by his leader. The threat posed by Starscream forces the two sides to consider an alliance. As the warship rose, Autobot sabotage caused the planetary engines to begin reversing. Alternate Modes His wings swing around in a spring-loaded "Wing … It took a while for Starscream to come to grips with Megatron's faults, but there's no turning back.

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