"[20]:34, From its establishment in January 2008, until it was disbanded in 2013, the Edmonton, Alberta-based Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)—an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta—regulated Alberta's energy resource industry, which included oils sands tailings ponds.

[2] Large volumes of tailings are a byproduct of bitumen extraction from the oil sands and managing these tailings is one of the most difficult environmental challenges facing the oil sands industry.[2]. [18] Syncrude's trial lawyer at that time, Robert White, had urged his client to challenge the guilty verdict. Oil sand tailings contain a mixture of salts, suspended solids and other dissolvable chemical compounds such as acids, benzene, hydrocarbons[1] residual bitumen, fine silts and water. [36] According to The Star, after Sequoia Resources Ltd filed for bankruptcy protection in March "without decommissioning and cleaning up 4,000 wells, pipelines and other facilities", as required of all oil companies,[37], On 7 August 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers, the trustee for Chinese investors who purchased Sequoia Resources Ltd in 2016, launched a lawsuit against Perpetual Energy Inc. in an "unprecedented bid to void" the 2016 sale of Perpetual Energy Inc.'s subsidiary called Perpetual Energy Operating Corp. (PEOC) now known as Sequoia Resources Ltd to Chinese investors. The ABCA found that Grant Thornton Limited "entitled to disclaim Redwater's non-producing oil wells and sell its producing ones". [6], The lack of knowledge and identification of individual compounds has become a major hindrance to the handling and monitoring of oil sands tailings. Closure operations of Pond One began in 2007. Syncrude’s focus has always been on finding a new way, a smarter way, a more sustainable way of developing the resource our nation relies on. [32]:1 The AER found that Syncrude's Mildred Lake Extension (MLX) project was in the "public interest. Dieser „Syncrude tailings dam“ gilt mit einem Volumen von 540 Millionen Kubikmetern als „der größte Staudammder Erde“, gemessen am Dammvolumen, nicht aber gemessen am Volumen des maximal anstaubaren … CRUD-Operationen können je nach Umgebung in verschiedenen Sprachkonstrukten ausgedrückt werden: Vielfach werden die einzelnen CRUD-Operationen mittels einer Persistenz-Schicht umgesetzt. The jello-like mature fine tails (MFT) were pumped and dredged out of the pond and relocated to another tailings pond for long-term storage and treatment. Mature tailings dredged from a pond bottom in suspension were mixed with a polymer flocculant and spread over a "beach" with a shallow grade where the tailings would dewater and dry under ambient conditions. [9] Shell used atmospheric fines drying (AFD) technology combined "fluid tailings and flocculants and deposits the mixture in a sloped area to allow the water to drain and the deposit to dry" and had a lower-than-expected fines capture performance.

Es ist vor allem bekannt durch den Damm, der das Becken einfasst.

[18] But Syncrude spokeswoman said that they would plead guilty and pay the fine as, "At Syncrude, we're eager to move forward.

"[24], In 2013, the Alberta government replaced the ERCB with the newly-created Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), with Jim Ellis, as CEO.

Als Syncrude tailings pond wird ein etwa 12 Quadratkilometer großes Absetzbecken der Ölsand-Aufbereitungsanlage „Mildred Lake“ des kanadischen Erdölunternehmens Syncrude in der kanadischen Provinz Alberta bezeichnet. [38] Perpetual says that "the claim is without merit". 2018 report published in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal to be "responsible for the majority of tailings ponds emissions of methane."[16]:7372. [42][43][44], In 2008 Syncrude Canada Ltd. began construction of Sandhill Fen project, a 57-hectare research watershed- creating a mix of forest and wetland- on top of sand-capped composite tailings at its former 60-metre deep East Mine. Werden die einzelnen Daten-Objekte zudem in einer generischen GUI visualisiert, sodass jedes Objekt durch eine der genannten CRUD-Operationen manipuliert werden … [14] It is located 40 km (25 mi) north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada at the northern end of the Mildred Lake lease owned by Syncrude Canada Ltd..
[38], In a public statement released on 8 August 2018, AER CEO Jim Ellis, who had been CEO since AER's creation in 2013, took the "unusual step"[12] of admitting that the Sequoia "situation has exposed a gap in the system" that needed to be fixed and "raised questions" about how to proceed in the future. Hier einige Beispiele für CRUD-Implementierungen, nach Sprache bzw. [9], Syncrude used the older composite tailings (CT) technology to capture fines at its Mildred Lake project. [17] At the time the MLSB inactive sump "was not covered by Syncrude's waterfowl protection plan to deter birds from landing at tailings areas". ", Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, "Canada,United States: SOLAR Power Process Transform Oil Sands Tailings", "Evidence of low toxicity of oil sands process-affected water to birds invites re-evaluation of avian protection strategies", "Process water treatment in Canada's oil sands industry: I.

During the tenure of the Redford cabinet, the province was promoting "Alberta as a responsible energy producer.

In Canada there are three major oil sand deposits, primarily located in the province of Alberta, with some also located in the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan. The Athabasca Oil Sands Region (AOSR) has 19 tailings ponds.

By 2011 only 65 square kilometres were cleaned up and about one square kilometre was certified by Alberta as a self-sustaining natural environment. [51] They found that levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) had increased as much as 23-fold since bitumen extraction began in the 1960s. This is an embankment dam that is, by volume of construction material, the largest earth structure in the world in 2001. It is less expensive to fill abandoned open pit mines with water instead of dirt. Von manchen Autoren wird alternativ das Akronym RUDI (insert an Stelle von create) oder CDUR (in Anlehnung an die Tonart C-Dur) benutzt. Synthetic crude may also be mixed, as a …

To clean them up, oil companies plan to pour water on them", "What would it cost to clean up Alberta's oilpatch? "[17] On 22 October 2010 Syncrude was found guilty under the provincial and federal Acts and was fined $3-million, which at that time represented the "largest environmental penalty in Alberta history. "[16]:7361, On 31 December 2018, Syncrude was fined $2.75 million after pleading guilty under the federal Migratory Birds Convention Act (MBCA) and Alberta's Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act in relation to the deaths of 31 great blue herons in August 2015 at the MLSB. [52], According to the 2018 study by Baray et al, ninety-six per cent of methane emissions in the AOSR came from Mildred Lake Settling Basin and the Syncrude Mildred Lake West In-Pit (WIP) pond and Suncor Energy OSG's Ponds 2–3 (P23).

Syncrude Canada Ltd. ist einer der weltweit größten Produzenten von synthetischem Rohöl aus Ölsand und der größte Produzent aus einer Hand in Kanada.Es befindet sich etwas außerhalb von Fort McMurray im Athabasca Oil Sands und hat eine auf dem Typenschild angegebene Kapazität von 350.000 Barrel Öl pro Tag (56.000 m 3 / d), was etwa 13% des kanadischen Verbrauchs entspricht. The ERCB was created to replace the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) and the Alberta Utilities Commission. The lawsuit alleges that Perpetual and its CEO Susan Riddell Rose "knew the deal would sink the buyer". [16]:7372 MLSB "was found to be responsible for over 70% of tailings ponds emissions of CH4. "Oil companies are required to return the lands they develop to a natural state. Oftmals handelt es sich bei der grafischen Benutzeroberfläche eines CRUD-Frameworks um ein simples HTML-Interface.

The ERCB's first major publication was the December 2008, Directive 073: Requirements for Inspection and Compliance of Oil Sands Mining and Processing Plant Operations in the Oil Sands Mining Area, which was based Oil Sands Conservation Act (OSCA), Oil Sands Conservation Regulation (OSCR), Informational Letter (IL) 96-07: EUB/AEP Memorandum of Understanding on the Regulation of Oil Sands Development, IL 94-19: Dam Safety Accord, Agreement Between Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Respecting the Coordination of Services for Coal and Oil Sands Mine Projects (EII/EUB MOU), requirements set out in approval conditions for each oil sands mining and processing plant scheme, operator's ERCB-approved S-23 production accounting manual, Interim Directive (ID) 2001-07: Operating Criteria: Resource Recovery Requirements for Oil Sands Mine and Processing Plants, ID 2001-03: Sulphur Recovery Guidelines for the Province of Alberta, and Directive 019: ERCB Compliance Assurance—Enforcement. The 1.2 million cubic meters of topsoil over the surface, to a depth of 50 centimetres, was placed on top of the sand in the form of hummocks and swales.

[12] The investigation revealed that the security collected from companies to cover the costs of shutting down and cleaning up mining sites including tailings ponds and pipelines was $1.4 billion; and the previous calculated liability was $27.80 billion. [11] The investigation, which resulted in the series, The Price of Oil, was undertaken by "the largest ever collaboration of journalists in Canada". [5], The concentrations of chemicals is harmful to fish, and oil on the surface of the ponds is harmful to birds. "[B]ankrupt companies can avoid their liabilities and leave them as a public obligation. [31], In July 2019, the AER announced their Decision 2019 ABAER 006: Syncrude Canada Ltd. Mildred Lake Extension Project and Mildred Lake Tailings Management Plan, with a 289-page report. [30], On 25 April 2017 the Court of Appeal of Alberta (ABCA) dismissed the AER and OWA's appeal in a landmark decision, affirming the May 2016 decision of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta in favour of Redwater Energy Corporation's receiver, Grant Thornton Limited, in Redwater's bankruptcy proceedings. "[29]:8, Directive 85 was issued on 14 July 2016, by the Alberta Energy Regulator, following consultations with "consultations with First Nations, local communities, environmental groups and industry itself". Almost all the water used to produce crude oil using steam methods of production ends up in tailings ponds. Target pollutants and treatment objectives", "The absorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into the skin to elicit cutaneous inflammation: The establishment of structure–permeation and in silico–in vitro–in vivo relationships", "Oilsands tailing ponds are a nasty challenge that can't be ignored", "Tailings ponds a critical part of Alberta's oilsands legacy", Alberta government is 'cracking down' on oil sector, energy minister says, "Oilsands waste is collected in sprawling toxic ponds. [30] Under Directive 85 "fluid tailings" must be "ready to reclaim" within ten years of the closing of an oil sands mine. "The volume of fluid tailings, and the area required to hold fluid tailings, continued to grow, and the reclamation of tailings ponds was further delayed. The identification of individual acids has for many years proved to be impossible but a breakthrough in 2011 in analysis began to reveal what is in the oil sands tailings ponds.

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