“I see no indication that they engaged Truro police or Amherst police, who are on either side of that, who have 60 sworn officers between them,” says Paul Palango, a retired journalist who wrote three highly regarded books on the RCMP and now lives in Nova Scotia. He killed them and burnt their home. Into all this drove Constable Heidi Stevenson. Joy McCabe, who lives across the road, saw the beginning of the fire fight. Some of the Mounties who pursued the Portapique killer are still dealing with trauma from the 2014 Moncton shooting, which took the lives of three Mounties. RCMP Const. Carroll retired from the force three weeks ago. Informed sources close to the investigation say it was around this time that that an Amherst Police officer was told that the RCMP did not need that force’s assistance because the Mounties had deemed the situation to be a murder-suicide and that the shooter was dead. That officer continues to be off work on stress leave. It is not clear why the RCMP didn’t ask the Truro and Amherst police to set up roadblocks to prevent the killer from leaving the area. Instead of blocking off roads, the RCMP was going to businesses such as Sobeys and asking them to close their doors. Sources within the RCMP say a major problem was that communications between various RCMP units was never co-ordinated. Unfortunately, for the killer, Goulet’s vehicles gas tank may have been empty. But Heidi Stevenson is a mother of two kids who had a husband and there are 10 (civilians) dead and that’s only what they know of now. The corporal later ran into nearby woods and turned off their flashlight and hid. The Halifax Examiner previously reported another curiosity about the lookout for the killer in that Halifax Police Chief Dan Kinsella apparently ordered his officers to attempt to capture the killer and not shoot him. I did. Join Facebook to connect with Chad Morrison and others you may know. for anyone who doesn’t know the story of Susan Butlin from Tatamagouche please google the RCMP’s epic fail into her murder that occurred in Sept. 2017. “What I would say is that they did alert through Twitter, and going back to what I said earlier, you know, the more ways we can alert, the better.”. Police sources say that while the killer was resting in his replica vehicle, RCMP officers on the scene believed he was likely dead in one of the burning buildings. As to why Nova Scotians aren’t raising a bigger outcry over the deaths of 23 citizens, it may be no accident that Edgar Z Friedenberg wrote his classic analysis of the Canadian character , “DEFERENCE TO AUTHORITY”, while a professor in Nova Scotia. The RCMP doesn’t want to tie all its money up in full tanks. Several RCMP and law enforcement sources say that a corporal from a nearby detachment who was the initial supervisor on the scene froze in place to the distress of other Mounties. They weren’t ready. Exit 11, as it turns out, is in Stewiacke, approximately 43 kilometres to the north. But GW wasn’t there. At some point he set the house on fire and left at 9:35 a.m. according to a security camera. Chris Leather, the number two Mountie in the province and the chief of criminal operations, further added to the ball of confusion. The RCMP was not sure about how many because the fires were still raging. The entire thing was an epic failure.”. It is not clear how many Mounties were at the scene or where they came from, although some eventually were called in from New Brunswick. To subscribe, click here. Today and always, I along with the council and staff of the Municipality of East Hants stand with our RCMP.”. At a news conference on April 19, Chief Superintendent Chris Leather, the Criminal Operations Officer, appeared not to have been aware of the killer’s history of violence. “And I can’t imagine a more horrific set of circumstances than searching for someone that looks like you.”. As has already been acknowledged, the RCMP did not set up roadblocks and perimeters around the area, even though it knew within minutes of arriving at the scene that the shooter was armed and likely on the loose in a replica Mountie police vehicle. Based upon interviews with other current and former police officers, witnesses, and law enforcement, and on emergency services transcripts, it seems clear that there was a collapse of the policing function on that weekend. He is careful to say he doesn’t blame the “foot soldiers on the ground,” but believes the force’s failure to send an alert led to his wife’s death. The RCMP has claimed it did its best in trying to deal with the Nova Scotia mass killer on the weekend of April 18 and 19, but a reconstruction of events by the Halifax Examiner strongly suggests that the police force made no attempt to save lives by confronting the gunman or stopping his spree at any point. Senior managers want their bonuses and the managers below them want them to get their bonus so they can enjoy fringe benefits. McCully, a trilingual, fun-loving musician and loving mother, was murdered outside when she went to investigate, sources say. We had no visual on him. Be Ms. Butlins voice…please!!!! At the Irving Big Stop in nearby Enfield, two RCMP officers — one from a Emergency Response Team and a canine officer — recognized the killer from the photo they had seen on their phones while he was filling his stolen car. Last seen loading firearms in vehicle. “You’re alone. So we just expect the best thing that can be done will be done. Advises RCMP car was seen in the area and there was a loud bang.” The killer had shot retiree Lillian Hyslop who was out for her morning walk, unaware that he was in the area because an alert has just been issued as she left the house. “So they still have no push bars on their cars in Nova Scotia.”. I can promise you that with every existence of my soul. The relaxed attitude of the RCMP in the early morning hours of Sunday was evidenced in a video shot by CBC at the RCMP command centre at the firehall in Great Village. Maybe there was no backup. Forbes believes the RCMP should have investigated the report of illegal guns. Nick Beaton, widower of Kristen, is still waiting for police to return her wedding rings and cell phone. “In renewing its contracts with the RCMP, it appears that the government of Nova Scotia has taken the position that a helicopter is an unneeded frill and dispensed with the idea. The RCMP remained silent until 4:12 a.m., when it told Truro police about a Ford F150 truck associated to the suspect. We want to give them every assurance that they have our confidence and we respect what they’re doing.”. In other words, pity the Mounties if I am their mirror. Both police forces had considerable numbers of officers primed and ready to go. Vehicle photo will be sent when available.”, This information reportedly came from the killer’s girlfriend, who apparently came out of the woods at 6:30 a.m. So they weren’t looking for a white replica car for some time because of that assumption. Just started opening fire. At 10:48 a.m., the killer slammed his vehicle into that of Const. A brief confrontation ensued and the shooter was killed. So many mistakes and failures in command. Members who know and loved Stevenson are turning up to work every day, holding their emotions in check so they can keep doing their jobs. Truro Police Sgt. She has been in her rear-view mirror since 3 years now and I’m sure they have all been sleeping just fine since. A party was held on June 27. You don’t have to say he was dressed as a Mountie or anything. East Hants Coun. After evading police, the killer drove north on unpaved back roads 30 kilometres to Debert, a farming community of 1,400, where he parked behind a welding shop for the night, while police set about the grim task of sorting through the carnage he had left behind in Portapique. It also seems apparent that some Mounties, many of whom were called in from distant locales, were stunningly unaware of the geography and landmarks in the general area as the RCMP tried to keep up with GW. Chad Morrison was waiting in his police cruiser for Const. Photo: Halifax Examiner. This is so obscenely stupid – full gas tanks only cost the interest that could be made on the money sitting in a bank account rather than a gas tank, and I guess cars with fuel tanks use slightly more fuel than cars with empty gas tanks – then again, a normal car is about 1% fuel by weight…, Nick: I hope you weren’t taking me seriously. It was around this time that Halifax Police became engaged and began to set up a roadblock at exit 5A on Highway 102 heading into Halifax, one exit south of the airport. In 2019, Glen Assoun was fully exonerated. A number of members of the force have been unable to return to work and many more are likely to have long-term challenges dealing with the trauma of the crime scenes. Five minutes earlier, at 10:25 a.m., in a well-known security video, the killer pulled into the lot of a business in Millbrook, got out of the car and changed out of a RCMP jacket into a yellow vest. This subtly changed in an interview with the CBC earlier this month when Supt. Twenty-two Nova Scotians were murdered in an unprecedented spree and the media here and in the rest of Canada can’t organize themselves to do a concentrated investigation. They were so ill-prepared. The RCMP in Nova Scotia is reeling from the incident. Halifax Examiner founder and investigative journalist Tim Bousquet has followed the story of Glen Assoun's wrongful conviction for over five years. Could be anywhere in the province. He shot at her twice to get her to move. Absolutely cries out for an inquiry! Another Mountie helps local fire-fighters roll up some hose. Stevenson. “But they did call in RCMP resources from New Brunswick, which is an hour and half away, and God knows when they got there.”. Police sources say the RCMP may have been afraid of sending an alert, in part because it could have put officers in jeopardy with armed members of the public looking to protect themselves, and also because their communications might have been paralyzed. In all, the killer took 13 lives in Portapique, and set five buildings and several vehicles on fire. Chad Morrison, an 11-year veteran of the RCMP, was released from hospital Monday after being treated for gunshot wounds he sustained in the attack. And Ms Butlin was TERRIFIED of him!!!

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