Having gained Fitz's admiration, he tricked him into helping him finish the battery. Shapanka takes a job at Stark Industries to fund his research and attempts to steal directly from Tony Stark. Ultron | Ultron Sentinels Ten Rings: Raza Hamidmi Al-Wazar | Abu Bakaar | Ahmed | Omar The Hand: Madame Gao | Bakuto Ten Rings: Jackson Norriss | The Mandarin His first mission involved working with the Beetle and Blacklash to capture Force, who had betrayed Hammer. Ulysses Klaue | Madame B | Thanos Since Blizzard was vaporized by Iron Man 2020, Donnie adopted the name. Others: Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Kraglin Obfonteri | Dark Elves | Thunderbolt Ross | Akihiko With the freezing units at full capacity, the Blizzard could lower the temperature of a twenty by twenty foot room 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in thirty seconds.

Others: Nebula | Abilisk | The Grandmaster | Thanos Associates: Nathaniel Malick | Kora | John Garrett, Other Alisa Jones | Karl Malus | Pryce Cheng | Dorothy Walker | Turk Barrett The Defenders However, the two of them were electrocuted by lightning, which also killed Seth despite Fitz's team's efforts. Full Name Marauders: Duhg | Kronan Marauder Yellowjacket Hunters: Malachi | Isaiah | Baal-Gad | Luke The character is usually depicted as a member of Iron Man 's rogues gallery . Dark Elves: Malekith the Accursed | Kurse the Strong [14], After solo missions against the Avengers[volume & issue needed] and the New Warriors,[volume & issue needed] attending the A.I.M. [37], The Donnie Gill version of Blizzard appears in Iron Man & Power Pack issue #2 with Speed Demon. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 4) Chitauri: The Other Together, the three criminals attacked a hotel casino in Atlantic City, only to be defeated by Iron Man and private bodyguard Bethany Cabe. Thor: Ragnarok After arriving at the Sandbox, Donnie was taught to siphon and control his newfound powers. Drunk, he contemplated his lack of recognition. ScientistS.H.I.E.L.D. Defenders Villains | Leader: Sarge When the Speed Demon tried to commit crimes with the Shocker, Blizzard convinced him to use his former Whizzer outfit and a tracking device. Sakaaran Guards: The Grandmaster | Topaz Doctor Strange Villains | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gill Ten Rings: Ten Rings Agent Daredevil (Season 2) Others: Punisher | Elektra Natchios | Blacksmith | Turk Barrett | Kingpin Force found Blizzard, whose powers were ineffective against him, so Blizzard fought him with bare hands.

Occupation [7], Some months later during the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline, Justin Hammer hires Blizzard to join an army of supervillains and battle Iron Man. During the time of HYDRA uprising, the Sandbox got badly very quickly and Donnie took this opportunity to escape and go into hiding. Others: Thanos

: Seeds", "Declassifying Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [6], Shortly thereafter, Shapanka reconstructs his cold suit in prison. The character is usually depicted as a member of Iron Man's rogues gallery.

Ant-Man Jessica Jones (Season 2) HYDRA: Wolfgang von Strucker | List | Scarlet Witch | Quicksilver "[3] He attempts to raid Stark Industries where he captures Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan, but is defeated by Iron Man.

Others: Red Skull | The Collector | Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Thunderbolt Ross

When they arrived to a spaceship where the Spymaster was, they were ambushed by him and the Titanium Man, who revealed himself as Captain Atlas of the Kree (who were the masterminds behind the heist). Others: Loki Laufeyson | Thanos Donnie GillBlizzardMr. He became a gifted surgeon who enlisted in the U.S. Army. After Fitz worked it out and returned to his room, Seth knocked him out and they then took the machine outside the premise. However, with his status currently unknown and the probable scenario that his wounds had frozen, it is possible that Donnie could return. Dr. Curtis " Curt" Connors was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida. He attended Medical school graduating with twin doctorates in biology and biochemistry. Punisher Villains | Iron Man 3 (Season 7) Frost Giants: Laufey | Grundroth | Hailstrum | Raze | Jotunheim Beast His only appearance has been in Spider-Man on Ice. (Points/Rewards program available to U.S. residents only.) During the battle, Blizzard is impaled by a Titanomech[35]. He is a former S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Incredible Hulk HYDRA/STRIKE: Red Skull | Alexander Pierce | Crossbones | Jasper Sitwell | Jack Rollins Affilitates: Tye, Sarge's Squad High-Ranking Members: Jasper Sitwell | Sunil Bakshi | General Hale [volume & issue needed], In the final battle against the Grandmaster, Blizzard's suit was destroyed after the Wellspring energy was released[23] and he was pardoned for his past crimes. HYDRA: Hive | Grant Ward | Gideon Malick | Kebo | Werner von Strucker | Giyera | Lucio | Hellfire | Alisha Whitley | Primitives Force repelled him, blasting him through a wall. He is a former S.H.I.E.L.D.

Unknown [12], Before Blizzard could be jailed, he was rescued by the Rhino for Hammer. Powers/Skills Leaders: Atarah | Sibyl Inhumans The Beetle and Blacklash abandoned Blizzard; Chemistro blamed them for their failures, and they were arrested.

At one point, Blizzard freezes the ground, causing Speed Demon to slip and smash into him. Blizzard and Whirlwind are recruited by the Spymaster to join him and his villain allies (consisting of the Constrictor, Firebrand IV, the Titanium Man, the Unicorn, and Whiplash IV) in a plot to attack the almost-defenseless Stark Tower. [21] He battled the Thunderbolts; the groups were soon assimilated, and Blizzard helped them against the U-Foes during the Civil War. Following his Terrigenesis, Blizzard also developed electricity manipulation, where he can manipulate electrical currents and charge the energies in his body. Thanos Luke Cage (Season 2) Loki Laufeyson Bestman Salvage: Vulture | Tinkerer | Shocker #1 | Shocker #2 | Randy Vale Blizzard had been exposed to the Terrigen Mists unleashed upon the face of the entire Earth by Black Bolt.

MurderBetrayalDestructionMutilationsTorture Captain America Villains | in the first and second seasons. The Hand: Madame Gao Agent Carter (Season 1) Helmut Zemo

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