On the one hand, they don’t want to mess with the very winning combination of these characters, the great actors playing them and this fascinating, deeply privileged world in which they live. Anna Duggar’s daughters are so cute and cool hair. Dr. Reisman and others keep trying to encourage her to let go of the happier memories of Perry and get on with her life. I also thought it was a series that didn’t really need to be renewed for a second season, given the conclusion we received 2 years ago. Click Here To Read Our Full Season Write Up And Final Score. I also thought it was a series that didn’t really need to be renewed for a second season, given the conclusion we received 2 years ago. Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO season 10 has Laverne Cox and Jon Hamm and we cannot wait, Meryl Streep is an absolute force of nature. © 2020 TheReviewGeek. Perry’s violence united these five, and his death has repercussions for his abused widow, his rape victim, his killer, and on and on. I reviewed it earlier this week, and I have many thoughts on the premiere, “What Have They Done?” — with full spoilers — coming up just as soon as my grief is too loud for you…. But Alexander Skarsgård is still a cast member on the show, and Perry is very much an ongoing presence in Celeste’s emotional life, whether she wants him there or not. The Last of Us: Chernobyl director Johan Renck to helm pilot episode... Westworld recap: Maeve falls down the rabbit hole and discovers the Matrix. Big Little Lies Season 2 starts off just as strong as Season 1, there's nothing to worry about here. This isn’t like Friday Night Lights Season Two, where two of the characters got involved in an ill-conceived murder plot. That one was so separate from every other story that FNL quickly decided to pretend it had never happened. Four of them meet in a car after hearing about their new nickname, but they are still civilians acting like such. All Rights Reserved. ‘Big Little Lies’ season 2 episode 1 review: Critical sass as Meryl Streep arrives in Monterey. See below. After asking if she’s on the spectrum, he casually tells her that someone at work is telling everyone that the Monterey 5 were present the night Perry died. After some brief flashes early on, we return to all of our characters preparing for the morning’s rush back to school. Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep in Episode One of 'Big Little Lies' Season Two. This inevitably causes a rift between them that looks set to continue as the season progresses. She is a headache — and at times, like her encounter with Madeline, a cartoonishly awful one — but in the early going could be any grieving mother trying and sometimes failing to be of use to her daughter-in-law and grandsons. Concerned for her wellbeing, she tells Bonnie she can speak to her at any time but she’s taken aback when she learns Bonnie’s anger is directed at the girls. Pic credit: HBO. In an impromptu meeting in her car, she relays this to the other girls and they discuss the weight behind this. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Season Two starts with a bang, as the women get a gossip-fueled nickname and Meryl Streep arrives to stir things up. Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon have a surprising amount of chemistry on-screen too and the scenes between them are easily the stand-outs of the episode. Celeste screams, “I’ll fucking kill you!” — out loud, not just in the dream, prompting her now very curious mother-in-law to ask, “So, who are we planning to kill?”. ‘Big Little Lies’ Season Premiere Recap: A Cry in the Dark Season Two starts with a bang, as the women get a gossip-fueled nickname and Meryl Streep arrives to stir things up That can’t be ignored, as either a legal, moral or emotional matter. At school, the usual playground politics return, as the schoolyard Mummys all regroup into their small cliques. For the most part, “What Have They Done?” succeeds in its delicate task. Big Little Lies Season 2 episode 1 recap. This time, the dream is her and the other women in a police lineup, still in their Audrey Hepburn costumes from Trivia Night, with Perry emerging from the darkness to finger them all for his murder. Want more Rolling Stone? I’m remaining cautiously optimistic with the second season with a first episode that gets off to a pretty good start. 'Big Little Lies' is back for more Monterey drama — read our recap of the Season 2 premiere, and grade it in our poll. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mary Louise arrives at the house, waking Celeste up and prompting her to get the kids ready for school as music chimes in while the Mums prepare for school; Madeline lamenting the playground hierarchy as she drivers, Bonnie becoming a recluse, Renata determined to let the school know how genius her son is and Jane dancing to pop-rock. In her usual sassy manner, Madeline lays into headteacher Warren before heading off after dropping the kids off. The only Mum not to be present here though is Bonnie, who Madeline visits later on. All the pieces are here for another enjoyable season but whether it’ll match up to the prowess of the first remains to be seen. Given the 2 year hiatus, Big Little Lies continues its trend of blending decent music montages and slick editing, much to the credit of the show. Based on the first episode, the answers to those questions: So much story, definitely not, and YES. By Christopher Hooton. Watch Kali Uchis Cruise Through Clouds in 'La Luz' Video, See Pre-Fame Sebastian Bach, Zakk Wylde Jam on Led Zeppelin at a 1987 Wedding, Harry Hudson Discusses Journey With Cancer and How ‘Just Living’ Inspired His New Album, How Trump Took the Middle Class to the Cleaners, Keith Richards on His New Box Set, the Next Stones LP and Who Really Inspired ‘You Don’t Move Me’, Harry Styles Explores Italy in Gleeful ‘Golden’ Video, ‘How to With John Wilson’: Where Digression Meets Delight, ‘The Undoing’: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and That Old Familiar Feeling. Instead, Abigail wants to work for a start-up company helping the homeless but Maddie is defiant – her daughter is going to college no matter what. We see clips from the first season, cut together in the same elliptical, dream-like fashion that Vallée favored. It’s made Renata into one of the gang, while giving Bonnie an entirely different reason to feel estranged from Madeline and the others. Welcome back to Big Little Lies, same as it ever was — just more complicated. The episode that follows largely slow-plays the threat Mary Louise poses to Celeste, and to the Monterey Five as a whole. Now, there are ways in which most of this episode’s stories (as well as the ones in the other two hours I’ve seen) could have been told in a world where Bonnie confessed and was cleared of all charges. She’s upset that Maddie and the others lied to the police for her as she wanted to tell the truth and put her mind at ease. Were Kathy Bates playing the part, Annie Wilkes-style, she couldn’t look any scarier than Streep does in the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCWevZV945M. That’s not possible here. (*) Could Renata look any more like a superhero in her magazine photo shoot? However, she becomes reclusive and distances herself from the other girls, struggling to even communicate with her husband. Still, we return to the Monterey 5 with the glimmers of a tumultuous season to come and an introduction to a real wildcard this year – Celeste’s mother-in-law Mary Louise. “It’s complicated,” Celeste replies. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know what happens, leave now. So this is the story BLL has to keep telling, and “What Have They Done?” is a very promising continuation of that story. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Although the police have closed the case, they learn the cops still have their suspicions over what happened. Late in the episode, Jane asks Celeste if she’s glad that Perry is dead. Westworld recap: The identities of Dolores’ five brain balls are revealed. While Celeste heads back to counselling after experiencing more nightmares, Bonnie tries to put the past behind her too. Even as they worry about what Detective Quinlan does and doesn’t know, they’re still dealing with less explosive problems: Can Madeline talk Abigail into going to college? Madeline then heads to work where she runs into Mary Louise again, who’s contemplating moving closer to Celeste to help raise the boys. Here, she runs into Mary Louise drinking coffee and the two get talking. Sign up for our newsletter. Tonight Big Little Lies returns with a second season that puts all the women in positions of looking over their shoulders. (*) Bonus points to whoever decided to have James Tupper say “snide fuck” as if it was just one word in the scene where Ed and Nathan are swapping insults like always. Symbolizing this tricky balancing act — not to mention the main argument for the series’ transformation into an ongoing concern — is the introduction of Meryl effing Streep. For now though, season 2 gets off to a very positive and intriguing start for what should be a very interesting season ahead. To the list of things which Meryl Streep is better at than everyone else, we can now add screaming, because the sound that emerges from her mouth is alien and freaky and disturbing, even as it also seems to be a controlled display for Celeste and the boys. The conversation soon turns awkward and full of underlying sass as Mary Louise nonchalantly lays into Madeline, telling her she thinks she’s fake and putting on a front. The interwoven questions of who died and who killed them were a huge narrative and marketing hook for the first season, and the choice to have the women cover it up was made before anyone knew the show would continue. Later, when one of the twins talks about missing his dad, Mary Louise admits that sometimes the grief just makes her want to scream — and then she does exactly that. After goading her into an apology and finishing work, Maddie heads home and pushes Abigail to attend college but she doesn’t want to go. All images are used with permission or licensed. The hour closes as it opens, with Celeste having another nightmare and again waking to Mary Louise’s inquisitive face. It’s a spectacular bit of casting and a spectacular introduction. Big Little Lies is back for Season Two. Sweet Little Lies. It’s the same show, only with a lot more guilt and grief and secrecy. Boasting an all-star cast, slick camera work and a nicely paced storyline, Big Little Lies was one of the bigger surprises when it dropped in 2017. Soon the clips (some of them brand-new) are focusing largely on Celeste and Perry, and going faster and faster, more and more violent each time, until they are revealed to be a nightmare Celeste is waking up from — only to be confronted with the waking nightmare that is Perry’s intrusive, inquisitive mother, Mary Louise, standing over her in the bed.

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