The top-of-the-line dynamo hubs (UR700 and UR705) save a further 30-50 grams. Bicycle dynamos instead use permanent magnets to eliminate the need for a battery to excite the field and initiate electrical generation. Unfortunately, you’ll rarely find the Schmidt SL dropout on anything but custom-built forks. Deore LX 3D72 disc – 32, 36h Like the KT hub, we don’t yet have any idea how durable the Kasai is, along with its output power, drag or efficiency data – but Kasai is claiming 72% efficiency at 10mph (likely using a resistor). An on/off button comes on the back of this battery-free bike light, as well as electric cables to connect the light to the dynamo. 3. You can read the full dynamo hub efficiency results HERE. Schmidt hubs have been tested to have the lowest resistance without a device or light connected – just 1.4 to 1.9-watts of resistance (10-30KPH). SON28 disc – 28, 32, 36h That said, some hub and charger combinations will not deliver 2.5-watts until around 20KPH. PD-8X-150 15mm – 32, 36h. A brilliant little bicycle dynamo light that mounts on to the hub quickly and easily. KD5F) or a centerlock (eg. In a 2006 review by the German Stiftung Warentest, the efficiency at 15 km/h of a D1 series i-Light hub dynamo was 66%, 10% better than a SON-28.[3]. The efficiency of the SON is quoted by the manufacturers at 65% (so just over 5 W of the rider's output is diverted to produce 3 W of electrical power) but this applies at only 15 km/h (10 mph). While spoke count makes some difference, evenly balanced spoke tension across the wheel and a stiff touring rim tend to matter most in terms of strength. [6] The SON28 was found to be the most efficient, although its cost was significantly higher than models from Shimano. 25KPH/15MPH). KC5F) brake rotor mounts. That said, 2.4W hubs offer enough power if you’re touring using smaller diameter wheels (16-20″) and 1.5W hubs are appropriate for lighting your way at higher speeds (ie. The dynamo-hub is located, as its name suggests, e in the central axis of the wheel of your bike. Dynacoil FS 15mm 6-Bolt – 32h, 36h. This competed effectively with contemporaneous bottle dynamos and bottom-bracket generators, but the Dynohub was heavy with its steel housing and was discontinued in the 1980s. PD-8 Hub – 31% efficient A less common connector design is the Schmidt SL fork dropout. Hub dynamo – Type A hub dynamo works like a regular dynamo, except for the fact that the hub dynamo is part of the bicycle's front wheel, shielding your dynamo from weather influences and reducing the number of movable parts on the bicycle. Due to the market split of connector types, dynamo lights and USB chargers tend to come without any connector attached to the cable ends. 3D32 Hub – 44% efficient Quick Release At different speeds, dynamo hubs offer varying amounts of power for your lights and USB chargers. The Schmidt Original Nabendynamo (SON) can power two 6-volt lamps in series at speeds above about 12 mph, and Schmidt manufactures lamps designed to facilitate this. Thru Axle MTB Boost 15mm – 110mm That said, if you want high power outputs from your dynamo hub, you have to pay for it with additional drag. Quick Release 9mm – 100mm Around 2009, Sturmey-Archer released new hub dynamo/drum brake units with an aluminum housing, designated X-FDD[1] and XL-FDD.[2]. A similarly reliable dynamo light for the read of your bike, it provides high-quality visibility while you cycle, and also comes with connectors to connect your hub dynamo electric cables. Most modern hub dynamos are regulated to 3 watts at 6 volts, although some will drive up to 6 watts at 12 volts. And with a light or USB charger connected, they generate the lowest drag of all hubs, resulting in a charging efficiency of 57% and a lighting efficiency of 44% on average. Suitable for all bikes with V-brakes and coaster brakes, it causes no friction and, once attached, requires no further maintenance. SON28 disc 135 – 32h Deore LX T670 non-disc – 32, 36h UR700 disc – 32, 36h. KD1F 9mm 12mm 15mm Boost 110 – 28, 32, 36h. With anti-glare design.2 configurations: the lamp is equally suitable for general bicycles as well as mountain bikes with the Nirosta holder. Busch & Müller Lumotech Self-Powered Bike Front Light Design headlight with aluminum housing. This helps to keep the wheels of Discerning Cyclist turning. 2. PD-8X) or centerlock (eg. At 15KPH the UR700 is delivering three times the power output – quite significant considering the hubs both have the same 3W power specification. I'm here to help you travel the world by bicycle. Deore LX T675 disc – 32, 36h They run on pure pedal power. 1. Dynamo hubs come with anything from 20 spoke holes for a lightweight carbon wheel builds through to 48 holes for the strongest tandem wheel. Unfortunately, it has a lot of drag compared to other hubs, even with lights or USB chargers switched off. The faster you cycle, the more power generated, and so the brighter the light. The D7 series is available for both rim and disc brakes while the D3 series features several of rim brake varieties. Extremely wide, wide and homogeneous IQ-X illumination with up to 100 luxWith daytime running lights at the front and additional LED`s with lateral radiation. If you want the brightest front dynamo bike light, you won’t get much better than this one which provides a 100lux rating and can light up your path for around 40 metres with ease. Exposure Disc – Another re-branded 32h SP PD-8 hub available in a package with the Exposure Revo dynamo light. Dynamo hubs are becoming more and more common on bikes used for bicycle touring and bikepacking. Rear, blue background, on / off buttonSwitching sensor and parking light as standard £91.47 Buy on Amazon. Kingtop LED Dynamo Front Bike Light Original Cree LED lamp with 40lux brightness and good light coverage area for better visibility in the dark. Holds a variety of bicycles: 6 V-48 V wide range design, for electric bikes, dynamos, and hub dynamos with surge protector. June 2019 „Without a plan to Japan“ is the name of the new project of the three adventurers, born in Tübingen. Kasai has released a hub called the FS Dynacoil. Vintage Bicycle Quarterly Vol. PD-8X-110 15mm – 32, 36h The market was largely pioneered by Sturmey-Archer with their Dynohub of the 1930s–1970s. The amount of drag is mostly a function of the light or USB charger that you have connected, but there are variations between hubs too. Installing a dynamo hub on to your bike is a pretty straightforward process. 4. That said, SP makes some unique hub configurations you won’t find elsewhere, including for road bikes with a low spoke counts (20 and 24-hole). Fat Bike Quick Release – 135mm When we compare the power outputs at different speeds for the kLite USB charger (see graph above), you’ll notice the green line of the Shimano UR700 is offering the most power at all speeds, and the red line of the SP PD-8 the least.

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