Can she afford to pay for all the services she may need? The Baby Boomer generation has never lived like their parents or grandparents. Please use the links below to find topics you may be interested in. ), Generalisations that are often used to describe, Often less well off financially than their parents, Loss of contact & interaction with others under social distancing. One of their biggest interests was to travel and see the world. With their goal in mind of living as long as possible, Betty and Harold take responsibility for making it happen. Linda’s mom was ill, and she and Joe decided to rent a place near her. The second decision was to utilize Airbnb for places to stay in each location . They will take you to posts that cover that area. Below are the top boomer health challenges: Boomer Health Challenges Linda and Joe decided to take two years and travel. You can choose from medication options, natural healing solutions or actual joint replacement. , Disclosure: This post has affiliate links that result in my earning a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. The document names all refer to the legal document that describes your wishes regarding life prolonging medical procedures. Betty and Harold walk at least five days a week at five miles per walk. They put together a list of locations they wanted to visit and began to plan timelines, accommodations and mode of travel. At some point she may not be able to drive. help with erectile dysfunction best weight loss strategies We parents need to graciously accept the fact that our children have moved into a new phase in their lives. She pointed out two unvoiced boomer issues that she is currently dealing with: Finding affordable middle income housing. Baby Boomer Lifestyle Trends. The focus of their lives is now squarely on their own family, and that is the way it should be. After four bouts with cancer, this is her daily mantra. This is a generalisation of course but it does apply to many. Unfortunately for baby boomers, Alzheimer’s disease is dramatically rising in our age group. Developers have been focused on building high end options, looking to cash in on the much talked about baby boomer wealth. As one of the top boomer health challenges, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women over the age of 60. Below are the top boomer health challenges: Obesity, alone, causes many of the boomer health challenges listed below. Find ways to maintain strong family ties from just outside your children’s new inner family circle. This […], Some Fun facts about Baby Boomers So, just how did we […], I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. You will see it was the same for you with your parents. all diets that lead to weight loss are low in Joe and Linda see flexible volunteering in their future. Kris is independent, very active and in a decent place financially. Rebecca Olkowski is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you’re a boomer chick who’s a bit older or a bit younger than me, your experience will be a little different from mine, however I was born fairly close to the middle of the pack… so I think I have a decent grasp of the baby boomer fashion experience. The determined ones, like Betty and Harold, are already achieving the goal of lengthen lifespan reap rewards. We are all capable of extending our own lifespans. | Los Angeles, California, Guest Posts and Sponsored Content – Writing Guidelines, The 7 Best Online Exercise Programs for Women Over 50. Both issues are top of mind for Kris, who is a 65+ year old, single woman. Betty and Harold’s greatest desire is to spend as much time as possible with their children, grandchildren, friends and each other. They sold their house in North Carolina, and have started a two year trip around the globe. how to help erectile dysfunction I hope this information has given you a better idea of the boomer health challenges that we are all facing. What we are not prepared for is the different role that we now play in their lives. what is the most effective weight loss diet She worked to find a solution that would help her health and wellness. Sadly, this is a condition that can be completely prevented by practicing positive lifestyle choices, such as exercise and a healthy diet. This realization comes with a somewhat painful jolt. weight loss vitamins and supplements While new research has not found a cure, it has begun to identify some key information to aid in identification and treatment. Kris has been looking at town house options, senior condos, and retirement communities. After all, you will not always be around for them. Nine years ago she and Harold became vegans. Right now they have two alternatives, high end or low income housing. Even boomers with children can experience these same trust issues. TORONTO, Canada – The two decades between 1960 and 1980 were revolutionary for political, social and fashion-related reasons. It came about that a number of things fell into place for them to be able to pursue their amazing boomer adventure. I cannot think of a better way to  start 2015 than to share how this wonderful couple has embraced life, and extended their lifespans in the  process. healthy eating plan for weight loss free To quote my friend, Tobi, “the sadness lessens as we grow into our changing role, and watch our children, with joy, as they tend to their families.”, (with special thanks to my friend, Tobie). The couple had talked often about what they would do once their kids were grown and on their own.

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