Here the Saint treats of the proximate means to union with God — namely, faith. 11. It is to these senses of imagination and fancy that the devil habitually betakes himself with his wiles — now natural, now supernatural;325325 E.p. Into two stanzas of five lines each, St. John of the Cross has condensed all the instruction which he develops in this treatise. Search metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search archived web sites ... Full text of "The ascent of Mount Carmel"
She can hardly conceive of a person in full spiritual health whose life is not one of prayer.

III, Chap. No mistiness, vagueness or indecision clouds his writing: he is as clear-cut and definite as can be. And afterwards He says further: Non vidistis aliquam similitudinem in die, qua locutus est vobis Dominus in Horeb de medio ignis. Yet it is equally possible that much more of his subtle analysis was in store for his readers. It must be remembered, of course, that he spent most of his active life in the South of Spain, where exaggerations of all kinds, even to-day, are more frequent than in the more sober north.

and there are many other places where it is seen how, in this mirror of the fancy and the imagination, these imaginary visions come more frequently to proficients than do outward and bodily visions. For this reason I say that what it cannot understand or imagine is communicated to it by these visions, passively, without any effort of its own to understand and without its even knowing how to make such an effort. Any truncation, when the author is a St. John of the Cross, must be considered irreparable. And thus, if the soul desire to feed upon them, they occupy spirit and sense in such a way that the spirit cannot communicate itself simply and freely; for, while they are still occupied with the outer rind, it is clear that the understanding is not free to receive the substance. 8. Of particular interest, both intrinsically and as giving a picture of the Saint’s own times, are the chapters on ceremonies and aids to devotion — the use of rosaries, medals, pilgrimages, etc. 6. The author then goes on to describe how the three theological virtues — faith, hope and charity — must ‘void and dispose for union’ the three faculties of the soul — understanding, memory and will. AS will be seen from the biographical outline which we have given of the life of St. John of the Cross, this was the first of the Saint’s treatises to be written; it was begun at El Calvario, and, after various intervals, due to the author’s preoccupation with the business of government and the direction and care of souls, was completed at Granada.

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