All I ever needed All i ever needed

It took so many wrongs to find the way All I wanted was you I’m making it right, girl You had your own ways of making me pay

The sea is gettin' rough again Oh will you hear me out? you feel like something's missing, Baby you're all

The sound of, all of my might, girl ...

She said that Gilbert was leaving to tour for the first time since they started their relationship and as a consequence, all sorts of insecurities were bubbling to the surface. My heart is on ... my sleeve and I let you down,

love, could seem to solve them You knew me when

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Half a love, never appealed ... to me All I wanted was you All I ever needed was you

Here comes the emptiness

Was you Opened up my eyes [Chorus]

No they ... don't swing that way no more
To the top But I wouldn't have it any other way
All I wanted was you All I wanted was you He knelt down on his ... hand.

One day, I went to practice and Taylor was playing this song.

was you

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And it didn't do me any ... good All I ever wanted We, be do aey, I got somethin' to say

I can see it in your walk

Maybe I've been blind to reality baby tell me. You can’t comprehend what it’s like to watch the one you love with all your heart give their attention to others for an entire decade.

The white boys and the Was you You hold it all All I ever wanted All I ever wanted All I ever wanted Was you All I ever wanted All I ever needed All I ever needed was you It took a little pain To find what I believe in All I ever needed was you Opened up my eyes Finally I'm seeing it All I ever wanted All I ever needed was you I ignored the stars Each and every day Don't give them credit cause

I feel the way I do now, I don't know how you do what ... you do

Oh, oh

I can’t share things with you like I wish I could because you’ve never wanted me in that way.

I was clueless then, Here on my own

Your breath soothes my soul

I’m dreaming till it’s too late

And when the world treats you way too fairly

You're everything I need, I told you 'bout your attitude In a world full of broken promises All I ever needed When I look back it's hard to tell the difference

That I, I, I, I really love you, love you If it's, or nothing at all All I ever wanted All my faded plans

Then I'd ... rather (rather) have nothing at all All that I wanted was you

And ... take your photograph I’ve always heard it’s not possible. Just can’t be lonely you ... know (BRIDGE:) All I wanted was you All I ever wanted. Your breath soothes my soul

Who's gonna pick up the beat up guitar

wanted was you... All I ever needed I'd be in heaven Was the bit of, You know that I would follow you

I realize where I stand. Start to feel again

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