Uncertainty in market prices and resource availability is handled with a basis in … Teaching semester:  AUTUMN 2020, Location: Specifically we build on courses having subjects such as optimization under uncertainty, equilibrium models (microeconomics) and real options analysis. If more than one room is listed, you will find your room at Studentweb.

Key outcomes. The final exam is joint for Parts I and II. Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, For more information regarding registration for examination and examination procedures, see "Innsida - Exams", Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Managerial Economics, Finance and Operations Research, Industrial Economics and Technology Management. If classroom teaching is allowed, the student is expected to make every effort show up in the classroom. Grade: Letters. - be able to model advanced energy systems and markets and use these models for analysis. Position and function in the PhD program: The course is meant for PhD students in management science, broadly defined. Students are expected to be present and prepared for every class session. Canvas, Penn State's course management system, is used to support the delivery of this course, as well, as it provides the primary communications, calendaring, and submission tools for the course. Energy markets are closely regulated to ensure secure access to energy at fair prices, since energy is a necessity for sustained economic output and human welfare. This course is for those new to the energy management role, who want to gain confidence in carrying out essential day-to-day energy management tasks, such as conducting an energy audit. This website provides the primary instructional materials for the course. The other part of the class will focus on the energy resource markets for coal, oil, and natural gas. The EMTP is an easily-accessible, web-based, training programme designed to assist energy company staff to understand the complexities of energy commodity markets. The course audience is PhD students having an interest in computational equilibrium models, energy and environment in the interface between energy economics and technical systems analysis, and investment under uncertainty. Scientific articles and selected literature. Credits:  - be able to model and discuss the links between markets and the physical characteristica of underlying technologies. You will learn about the various costs of the electric industry’s core activities, how electricity is priced, the various ways that electric markets are structured, how these market structures determine which power plants are dispatched to produce electricity when, and how recent changes in generator fuel prices, generation technology, market regulations, and environmental regulations are transforming both Electric Industry Markets and Operations. Moreover, for each sector, a numerical model will be introduced.

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